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Me (Shaun) @ Improved daily lifestyle @ Paty 3 of 4 of the S-curve Xperience!

It’s Friday… So let’s slow things down a little.

Because life is pretty hectic for most of us. And we’re constantly creating and putting out fires.
Because there’s a lot going on within the S-curve Xperience as a whole. And we need to stop and recap on some of that.
All of which… Is why we…
1⃣ ‘Come up for air’ locally 
2⃣ Take 2-4 day #Travel-curvish 2.0 trips
As we approach the weekend.
Anyway… Shit that’s going on in S-curve world. That you may have overlooked. Because of how fast info is flying through your brain, on a daily basis.

Boosting your money game/Income/Earnjngs… Within S-curve world

Let’s start with the latest and most popular thing…

Becoming S-curvish… And requesting to be posted on our social media pages

Yup… This has been going on, for as long as the S-curve has been a ‘thing’.

But over time. Ladies have continually seen the benefit of this. Due to the trust that we’ve built up with all of YOU, in the past decade. And with the reach that we have, globally.

Now… You can use this extra exposure, to bring more awareness to whatever you have to offer the world, personally.

And/Or… You can become an S-curve member partner via the

S-curve member partner program (SMPP)

And help others achieve what you’ve achieved @ becoming at least 60% S-curvish.

Everyone will achieve that goal, within 1-3 months, depending on how fat/skinny they currently are.

And of course… It’s ow goal to teach them the S-curve formula. On how to strive beyond that level. And still have a life! (Living the S-curve Xperience)!

The reason why this program will work for YOU. Is because you’ve experienced first hand, what it’s like to achieve a ‘soft lean’ S-curvish result.

You don’t have to ‘sell it’. Because you are indeed… Sharing a great thing with

  • Someone you care about (At some level)
  • People who keep asking you about your physical/mental changes

With the mental changes… Being the main driving force behind SMPP’s existence.

Because a whoooole lota positive vibes start to flow, around you and your people. Once you Become S-curvish.

And often times… This leads to taking Travel-curvish 2.0 trips together… Like this…

To conclude

In both cases… You’ll end up earning more money. Not because you want more money. But because you’ve helped improve the landscape with what you have to offer.

The food and supplements page

What you see there… Is a comprehensive guide, of how we hand nutrition within the S-curve Xperience.

In short… Whatever you have done to date… Can be applied to the S-curve formula.

  • You like to eat certain foods (That can continue)
  • You like to apply some kind of diet strategy (Tha can continue on @ certain points in time)

And in every scenario… You will end up victorious @ ‘soft lean’, S-curvish and mentally fixed.

Evolution has no end. So expect to keep seeing updates to that page. With the ‘Hunters’ being the newest addiction @ shit you can buy/test/repeat

Travel-curvish 2.0

We wrote an entire post on this recently. So for the sake of your viewer experience. Let’s repost the entire thing here…


@azuliktulum @vue_ls

You see us saying that it’s become the holy grail of S-curve world shenanigans, in recent times.

Even more so than the main S-curve program.


But why?

And why Travel-curvish and not just ‘travel’?

Well… Travel-curvish began. From simply traveling… Once you Become S-curvish. Hence… Travel > curvish.

But what we started to find. Is that TC2.0 is the reality for most folk.

Meaning… Almost everyone we meet and talk to, ‘works’.

Which means that there isn’t much time or sometimes money… For a lot of travel.

Unless it’s a part of your job/career.

**The S-curve Member Partner Program can help with that. Or by Becoming S-curvish, Live S-curvishly and get promoted for free.

And almost everything that we do and talk about today. Revolves around TC2.0…

​- Being ‘Soft lean’

​- A great motivator outside of 121 coaching

​- Locations that are 2-4 hours away from your home

​- Awesome yet less popular destinations

​- A stress killer… Which = results booster

​- Unforgettable experiences which…

Create strong everlasting bonds with folks

It’s the part of the Xperience… That makes all the other parts work effectively, consistently.

Which is why we go so hard at it. For YOU to be embracing it.

We of course have to cater for everyone @ globally.

And there is indeed a TC2.0 location that’s 2-4 hours away from your home, regardless of where you live.

Most awesome yet unpopular spots… Aren’t too far away from the awesome, yet popular spots.

Some spots used to be awesome and not popular. Like El Nido, Palawan… 5 years ago.

Then social media blew them up. And kinda killed the magic of the main spots there.

But this where we come in…

And when you look properly and follow the right path/procedures.

You can and will still find hot spots around. Which is the core essence of TC2.0.

So you see Kintoh

Tulum above…?

Search around it. Because the world is a far bigger place than what we see on Google maps, for us tiny little humans.


Of the S-curve Xperience. Is to work and operate remotely.

If not entirely. Then at least to give yourself the opportunity to.

Your job today…. Most likely allows that to some degree.

If you run or operate a business of your own. It can be set up to run remotely, to some degree.

(Remember… You get promoted for free, when we help you Become or live S-curvishly)

Even our main S-curve program is set up. So that you can do all of it, from ANYWHERE!

It’s not really about being able to do work on Travel-curvish 2.0 trips. It’s more about being able to check-in of all your sh!t.

TC2.0 isn’t a regular thing for most of us, within S-curve world @ every 4-6 weeks.

But being able to change your work location every other day… Is.

And just like WE do ‘near’ daily… Can often look a little something like…

To conclude this newsletter

There are of course, other developments going on behind the scenes. But all of the above, is the heart of that @ present.

As usual. Reply in the comments below. Or hit the bottom right blue icon to chat.

A little something for you visual S-curve nerds 😀

OOTN-curvish moments @cierradocouto

‘Coming up for air’ @zoeealexandra

Read the fudging description… @ Make sure

'Soft lean' bikini-curvishly relaxed @vitoriagomes

‘Soft lean’ bikini-curvishly relaxed @vitoriagomes

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