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People of S-curve world…
– Living in the gym = Overrated
– Working hard = Overrated
You eventually realise that the real goal… Is to live an awesome lifestyle/life. After you’ve been doing those things for a while….
That’s how and why we’ve gradually evolved into an > S-curve Xperience.
All of our members, associates and peers know this too. As many of them have been here for 5+ years.
And you can see how much they value ‘lifestyle’, via their pics and videos.
In recent times… Taking…
Since global travel is currently ‘cancelled’.
You see… We’ve already mastered the process of ‘Becoming S-curvish’. In order to look like this…
60-100% 'soft lean' S-curvish @vitoriagomes
60-100% ‘soft lean’ S-curvish @vitoriagomes
And if YOU want. You can benefit from that financially. By getting started on the > S-curve Partner Program (Individuals). Where you’ll receive commissions from those who get started because of you.
(Just remember NOT to focus on making money… As that mindset doesn’t work. As explained > here).
And… We’ve got a lot of years behind us… Building up our S-curve platform
So the focus today is ‘Xperience’.

Become at least 60% ‘soft lean’ S-curvish first…

The process has been explained in detail, in these posts.
60-100% ‘soft lean’ and S-curvish (The end of ‘fitness’) 
You’re active and fit…. Yet you don’t look like this…
But the reason why you’ll want to achieve that goal… Is because how you look and feel, will affect you at each part of the S-curve Xperience lifestyle.
For OOTD/OOTN/Bikini attire
We’ve seen first hand how NOT looking S-curvish ‘enough’, affects people.
Namely women.
Women will take an awesome Travel-curvish 2.0 trip. Look back through the pics/vids. And end up deleting some of the best stuff, simply because they didn’t look S-curvish enough.
THAT… Must be prevented!
Improved daily lifestyle
We already know that you check yourself out in mirrors… Multiple times a day.
NOT liking what you see… Causes hissy fits. And hissy fit management is a VERY real module inside the > S-curve formula.
The goal, is to approach every single day with the right mindset.
That can’t happen… If you’re not happy with the way you look, throughout your daily endeavours. 
In 2020… It’s the Survive and Thrive program that is the solution for the above problems.
We don’t need to offer a 7 day FREE trial.
But we’ve added one anyway.

> Survive and Thrive program 7 day FREE trial

Once this goal is achieved. We go ‘all in’, in regards to living an awesome daily lifestyle.
It usually looks like this…. (The short version)
– Monday to Thursday = Work days and 3 S-curve workouts
– Friday to Sunday = Travel-curvish 2.0 trips/’Air time’ shenanigans
Living life this way… Means you’ll need more time and money on your hands. And that’s why we go so hard, in regards to getting you involved with the S-curve Partner Program.
It started to gain traction in December 2019, as an official program. And picked up speed, due the events surrounding COVID-19.
– Become S-curvish
– Slide into our DM’s to talk about getting involved with the S-curve Partner Program
It’s currently FREE (As long as you qualify).
But if you’re really serious. Then you’ll consider getting started on > S-curve Partner Program (Coaching).
On to a different topic…

Reviews are overrated… It’s all about highlighting ‘Items types’

Let’s focus on the products that we highlight from Amazon.com… To keep this simple).
For us… When it comes to products. We’re more concerned about the quality of service that the vendor delivers. 
It needs to be equal to the quality that WE have delivered over time.
So when you see businesses listed in the S-curve Partner Program. Understand that they (Or their products) might not have been reviewed. 
A brand is chosen, due to our found knowledge of their overall quality (Product, service, outlook, goals).
A recent example of this is CV Sciences.
We’ve had several CBD focused brands approach us.
Their products might even be good and work well.
But, they don’t offer the overall best experience. Which means that would suck for you, if you bought into them via us.
And so… We’re sticking with CV Sciences.
This bench…
FLYBIRD Adjustable Full Body Workout- Multi-Purpose Foldable Bench
FLYBIRD Adjustable Full Body Workout- Multi-Purpose Foldable Bench
Let’s first highlight the fact that it’s a great ‘Item type’.
Talked about here….
Building the perfect ‘simple’ home gym 
And we anticipate that competitors will arrive (If not already). Which is why we focus on ‘Item types’. Because things improve and evolve. And we want the best for YOU.
We have indeed focused on reviews over time. Like with > LeanBean.
But today… A focus on ‘Item types’ is a better approach.
Take a look at this post…
The S-curve formula adds Military Muscle (Vegan-friendly) supplement into the mix 
Scroll towards the bottom.
You’ll see that the main differences between the products mentioned… Exists within the ingredients.
Neither of the products are better/worse than one another.
But the comparisons allow you to see how YOU can benefit the most from each one.
Which is why we set the ‘buy and try’ rule when it comes to purchasing supplements.
This website…
Roar ambition
Roar ambition
Has been the most popular for that… Since the pandemic first hit. You’ll see why when you get there.

To conclude

You see these pics…
Shaun Sinclair Venice Mall
Shaun Sinclair Venice Mall
This happened TODAY.
Me… Embracing an > ‘Air time’ moment. And being able to stay out longer and enjoy the moment, as I am living the S-curve Xperience lifestyle to the max.
That’s what we want for YOU.
– More money
– More freedom
– Eat what the fudge you want (Our ‘F’ word) – Which you can do… Beyond 60% S-curvish results
Got questions about anything you’ve seen above?
Send a message from this page.

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1. Check them all out.
2. If you like stuff you see… Buy the stuff you see.
3. If you buy the stuff you see… Use that stuff to make your life more awesome within the S-curve Xperience.
Just email us via [email protected] if you think you/your business will be a right fit in S-curve world!
Remember… > This post (amongst others) encourages you to jump into the S-curve Partner Program.
But for some… Advertising on this website might be a better alternative option. So email about that too.
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