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Buzzers… > Limited edition Monday…
It’s a new week. Let’s go…
The order of human fat loss

This is kind of a part 2 to yesterday’s newsletter. And it’s actually the headline of an article that I wrote 7 years ago.

But today’s newsletter is more targeted towards this goal…

S-curve epic butt/tiny waist with natural boobs to match
Becoming 'soft lean' S-curvish @helainebsb
Becoming ‘soft lean’ S-curvish @helainebsb


And there’s no way that a program would be launched, to help with that goal… Without having some first hand experience (Not that EMS stuff from yesterday. Though that will help beyond 60% S-curvish results).

So… Let’s get into it…

Muscle building… Fat loss… It’s usually a focus on one or the other via 4-6 week periods.

But if you look around your body… Chances are, you have high levels of fat in some areas. And low or even super low levels on other parts of your body.

I’ve said before that it’s very hard to spot reduce fat loss, as it mostly shreds, in the same way that an onion peels. Which is true.

But that rule applies more, to the fat that sits around your torso.

Which means we can target your arms and legs, with higher levels of ‘targeted’ fat loss success.

Your torso

This is where #savetheboobs becomes more of a challenge. And it starts with this list of exercises to avoid.

You’ll do the following for a 4-6 week period…

#1 You’ll focus on lower ab exercises ONLY.

> Hanging half leg raises
> Laying single leg, leg kicks
Isolation is the name of the game here. So once again… ‘Specific’ is the key.

#2 No flyes.

#3 No woodchoppers.

#4 No wide grip pull ups.

#5 Less or zero HIIT cardio.

Mostly because we can’t control the order of where fat falls off. It falls off your body, in the same way that
an onion shreds layers. And boobs are mostly fat. So…

#6 You’ll do upper butt focused exercises only…

> Hyper extended standing (dumbbell held at chest with two hands) lunges
> High kneeling leg lifts
> Feet raised quadruped hip extension with ankle weights on

That’s it. That’s the start.

Everything that you’re ever shown on here, to trigger a fix in your physique, will help you for a 4-6
week period.

After that… It’s all long term. Which you know.

It has to be. Because that’s why a > hall of fame even exists. With the best ‘overall results’ coming in last year.

It’s just the S-curve formula doing it’s magic.

Everyone’s body reacts differently to the S-curve process. Not entirely. But I’ve seen enough reactions
to know, that the changes are different, based on natural body types and other factors.

So as usual… It’ll be the 121 chats and live update member page updates that’ll save the day.

Especially since this is grind stage stuff. When results are harder to come by. And where hissy fits are
thrown around more often, due the body parts that change @ negatively.

Like the butt shrinkage that happens during the shred-curvish process. 
Like what happened with Pam, before growing her butt back. But in her new-curvish body.
Pam's shred into an S-curvish with less body fat
Pam’s shred into an S-curvish with less body fat

So how do we save the boobs?

#1 We know that we have to avoid all exercises that hit your upper abs. 

In terms of ab fat… That’s where the fat will fall off first. Very quickly in fact.

If that happens… Then you’ll lose your boobs. So we have to ensure that we do exercises that don’t hit that area. Even indirectly, if possible.

They’ll stay ‘soft lean’, > like this @ Angie. Then… We do ab exercises that isolate and hit your lower abs only.

#2 Back fat…

This is the hardest part of all @ #savetheboobs. Because the back is such a large part of the body. But it can be done. Again… With some specific isolation focus.

This is 121 chat and live update member page stuff. And it’ll be different for everyone. Because it depends on what level of exercise progression you’re at.

So you’ll have to reply to get answers on this one.


#3 Shoulders/upper chest

This is ‘easier’. And it’s a game of ‘do and gauge’… Playing around with variations of the press exercises.

One tip in regards to this…

I would usually tell you to avoid the decline bench press exercise. But instead… Do it… And gauge the shape shift of your ‘under boob’.

It's all about getting your boobs to look good, in EVERYTHING you wear - Born Tough apparel
It’s all about getting your boobs to look good, in EVERYTHING you wear

Yea… I’m telling you to obsess over the mirror for once.

All of this specific stuff is important. Because just like the butt… We’re playing in that realm… Of making your boobs ‘appear’ larger than they are. By shrinking your surrounding body parts.

I did this at the highest level of interaction last year, with > this member. Not straight forward. But do-able.

With a specific and premium level approach.


#4 We eat in a way that keeps you ‘soft lean’.

That means, tweaking > this protocol S-curve meal structure.

That’s what I mean, when I say that it will change over time. Because it will. @

– Day to day living factors
– Results factors
Fun eating factors (My fave thing of all… This kicks in around 70% S-curvish and beyond)


I just gave you the ‘what we do’ in regards to fat loss, saving your boobs and the approach. It’s very good to know this stuff ‘before’ starting the official program.

Especially since the results phase will change your physique A LOT. And usually very quickly. But I have no choice but to save the ‘how we do’ for S-curve members.

Because it’s different for everyone at those levels.

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