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It’s the end of yet another week!
We’re an S-curve platform now. Which means there’s more things going on. Which leads to more activities, movements and of course, human stories from real life conversations and events.
With that said… Let’s dig into the topics that came up this week. Along with some necessary explanations!

#1 The S-curve program (For body goals) will never change. 

Because as humans. WE haven’t changed. So unless we evolve into something different. The S-curve formula that has been set (Which you experience when you start as a member), will remain the same.
What will change… Is the program structure. To fit your lifestyle needs. See > this post.
The S-curve formula will work on ANYONE.
How fast/slow the results take. Is mostly dependant on how fat/skinny you are on day 1 of your S-curve plan.
On average… You’ll experience a more than noticeable change, within 1-3 months.
Now… Like what has been said in previous Messenger replies, to those wanting to start and experience REAL change…
(This was a message from Saturday night, September 21st 2019)
This was a message from Saturday night, September 21st 2019
Whenever we hear problems. It’s usually some variation of what we’ve heard and fixed before. 
What we notice, is that there’s usually something, or a variation of things that you’re not doing. It could be consciously or subconsciously. 
The way that we’ve figured out what that is. Is by jumping into 121 coaching chats.
So if fixing your bodies physical appearance is your goal. > Start. And we’ll do our part at working the S-curve formula on you.
As we highlighted this week though. It all starts by > fixing/working on your brain/mind.

#2 We are ALWAYS listening…

That’s why we launched > this program last week.
Most folks here have problems that are variations of what we’ve fixed in the past.
But first, we need to know what they are. Which is why you’re encouraged to > reply to chat. And which is where the 121 coaching starts, immediately after.
Like with this lady…
1. Tailored Paypal payment link 
2. S-curve member page 
3. We start the 121 daily coaching chats right there in Messenger. 
After 5-7 days, we’ll have all the info needed to create an effective 4-6 week plan for YOU 
We always work in 4-6 week periods. And usually pay as you go. As that structure compliments the S-curve Xperience > way of living.

#3 We have guys and gals in our world… 

And we have served and understood both.
Women and men… HOW we serve them, is indeed > different
Ladies… We always have you covered.
Guys… Many of you are asking how to find a lady (As a partner/lover/wife) who looks like our associates. Or even S-curve members.
The S-curve in swimwear @eujessicadourado
The S-curve in swimwear @eujessicadourado
Well… We help you with that. In the new ‘Skin in the game’ program. 
You pay $10 to get the conversation going. It’s all coaching. And what you’re paying for is ‘coaching time’ (For the most part… And is the cause for most of your improved results #accountability).
But here’s one hint for you ‘guys’…
The initial goal for you. Won’t be about getting yourself a woman, based on how she looks.
Yes… That is an important part of the process. But it’s not the be all and end all. And there’s a high chance that physical attractiveness won’t keep you together for the long haul (If the long haul is what you’re after).
Any how… Starting the ‘skin in the game’ program is where/how we will start helping you.

#4 Now… Becoming S-curvish will always be a goal. 

As it affects you in each part of the Xperience.
So if you need help with that. Again, start. As the formula will always work.
The goal for many however… Has shifted to living a great lifestyle. With many aiming for an initial goal of > 60% S-curvish. And to reach 90-100% S-curvish over time.
The goal has also shifted to fixing how > your mind works (As mentioned above).
'Focus' mode @fefurlan
‘Focus’ mode @fefurlan
Which is why 121 coaching chats (Heavy nutrition talks…) have become key, More so than S-curve workout shenanigans.
Which is why nootropic supplements have come into play. As they focus on mind/brain health.
Why > this post came about recently as well.
So expect that to be a focus area, as you jump into the 121 chats. Regardless of your goal.

#5 ‘Business’ focused S-curve Xperience followers…

I’ve spoken to quite a few of you this year. And the following pages on this website. Is what you need to bookmark and use…
> Recommended products
– > Digging deeper into the S-curve Xperience (Elements) 
– > Digging even deeper (S-curve member partner program) 
But for the sake of this post. Eye up the following products and services…
Postaffiliate Pro
I won’t explain them here. As that has been done in the posts above. But if you want to chat about them 121. Then load up your Messenger and we will do that!

#6 Getting you to buy and try supplements

We’re currently rotating the supplements that you find on > this page (The posts that you see on all of our social media profiles, daily).
They all work well. But some folks don’t know that they exist. As some people don’t click through to the website.
And so… We’re making you see the supplements that you should be buying and trying. 
There’s been a lot of new S-curve member (Body goals) activity recently. So for YOU. Remember… Whey and casein are the protocol supplements to keep in your kitchen.
> Fat burner
> The testosterone booster
> The nootropics
That’s the stuff that will help you past month 3.
Done. Reply in Messenger from this page. Or even in the comments  area below.

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