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If you’re an established Fitbuzzer you’ll know by now that the very best bodies don’t come easy. There’s no simple cure that will help you transform your figure overnight, if you are trying to chisel out that sexy S-Curve physique then you’re going to have to put your body to work, and that means training hard and eating healthy.

Having said that I won’t try pretend to you that I’ve never used Fat Burning Supplements or Testo Boosters to improve my own performance. There’s certainly been times when I’ve felt in real need of a leg-up, and this is when I’ve found that a well-researched supplement can be a big help.  And there’s the key; Research. Whenever I start using a new supplement I spend time looking at the ingredients and doses and then decide whether I think it stacks up.

Now over the years I’ve only come across a handful of good fat burners that have really delivered results and in my past reviews I’ve focused a bit more on male products and what’s worked specifically for me.

These days my main purpose is to help you ladies get that S-Curve you deserve so I thought it would make sense to review a female fat burner and give you the pros and cons of adding a product like this to your everyday life.

The supplement in question is a fat burner called Leanbean that’s been created just for women, I heard about it from another PT and since then I’ve spent a fair bit of time looking at the ingredients and checking out user reviews.      

Here’s a breakdown on some of the active ingredients in Leanbean;

Green Coffee Extract

Green coffee beans are standard coffee beans that haven’t been roasted yet. A number of scientific studies have shown them to affect weight loss. That’s because in their un-roasted state they are high in antioxidants like Chlorogenic acid, (not found in regular coffee) these have been shown in studies to help prevent fat accumulation and improve fat metabolism in the liver.


Green Tea Extract 

Green Tea is a well-known fat burner but it also provides your body with nutrients and brain healthy compounds meaning you can kill two birds one stone by supplementing your diet with it. One study found that people who consumed green tea over a 3 month period lost on average 2.3 pounds of bodyweight without making changes to their diet.


Acai Berry

A staple of the Amazon rainforest Acai Berry is another superfood with multiple plus points. One of the best things about this ingredient is that it’s a good source of fibre, dietary fibre is the lynchpin of good digestion and a strong metabolism and is often missing from a lot of our diets.



So when it comes to superfoods, Turmeric’s the one grabbing all the headlines at the moment. It’s nicknamed the ‘queen of spices’ due to it remarkable health benefits. For weight loss Turmeric’s strength comes from it’s active ingredient ‘Curcumin’ which regulates blood sugar and helps dissolve ‘fat cells’. Like Green Tea ‘Curcumin’ has also been shown to help block the formation of ‘Estradiol’ the fat storing form of ‘Oestrogen’.



You really can’t underestimate the role of fibre when it comes to digestive health and weight loss. Glucomannan is one type of fibre that can have dramatic effects, that’s because it can absorb up to 50 times its own weight in water. This means it expands in your stomach and helps you feel full for longer periods of time. I’ve used Glucomanan myself in other fat burners and found it really-effective for appetite control.


To learn more about the full list of ingredients click here


User Testimony

Leanbean is formulated for women so the most effective way of assessing the results was to go straight to source and see what female users of the product were saying, I’ve included a few excerpts of reviews I came across from female fitness professionals. If you’re wanting to read even more testimony you can find these here.


I definitely felt the benefits after taking this for a couple of weeks, my body feels stronger and more toned, I find myself less inclined to snack or crave sugar (usually a killer for me at about 4pm in the office!) and my general health and energy feels much better! I’d definitely recommend trying out Leanbean if you’re looking for a more natural, healthy way to aid your fitness regime and promote healthier fat burning.

The female-focused formula really works with your body to balance hormones and boost your body’s natural fat burning techniques. I love it! I’m off to Ibiza at the end of the week and no longer have the bikini fear! 



I’ll definitely say since taking Leanbean my energy levels are right up, so my 6am swim session isn’t the only thing I do now, I’ll still be able to do that 6pm run after work as well. Where has my energy come from?!

One thing I’ve also started to notice is I’m getting more toned again, particularly my abs and legs. Strong abs and legs isn’t just to be aesthetically pleasing, it means I can run faster, cycle quicker and swim better.  


Leanbean Summary

When looking at the contents of Leanbean it’s clear that it’s been formulated for women. Sure, men would probably see results taking this product too but when you look at the ingredients you can see that there’s a clear reason for why certain things went in and why certain things were left out. There’s ingredients to support hormonal health in females as well as several different appetite suppressants to kill off cravings. It’s slim-line on the stimulants too which 9 times out of 10 is the safer bet for women. One last thing to consider is that it’s vegan friendly which makes perfect sense when you know that 80% of Vegans are Women.

Downsides? Well it’s hard to argue against it being one of the more expensive options on the market. And when taking Leanbean you do also need to remember to take the capsules four times a day, so that’s something to factor in as to get the best results you really don’t want to be missing a dose and then starting all over again. One other drawback is that supply is limited to the official website meaning you won’t be able to find big discounts anywhere. There are some decent offers to be had when buying more than one month however.  

My final assessment of Leanbean is that it looks to be a reliable fat burner, this is mainly backed up by the positive user feedback which is always the key place to start with this category of supplement. Weight-loss wise it’s got some of the best fat burning ingredients in a female friendly formula, So perfect for all you girls chasing that sexy S-Curve shape.

Like you might expect it’s meant to be used alongside the right lifestyle and fitness regime.


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