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S-curve world folk…!
We recently decided to take some time out from meeting new people. Which coincided with our mid-year review.
And if you look through our most recent social media posts…
You’ll also see that we’ve been encouraging everyone to take a break from the S-curve workouts… At this time of the week (Wednesday). 
And to instead… Embrace moments and activities like these…
This is all about following the protocol S-curve formula timeline. In regards to how a typical week should look. When the goal is to live life S-curvishly. Aka… The best version of your current day lifestyle, in your best-curvish body.
– Monday workouts = Hardest
– Easier towards the end of the week
– Which ends with Travel-curvish 2.0 and ‘Come up for air’ shenanigans
And in regards to the S-curve formula timeline @ workouts. The goal, is to follow any one plan, for a 1-3 months max.
And to then take a break for a while. Which could last from 7-30 days.
If you don’t embrace any S-curve Xperience activities. Then to simply live your life. But to make sure you eat S-curvishly, consistently.
All of this came up again, due to a discussion that I had with a person that I met this year @ meeting 1-5 people daily.
And having that discussion. Confirmed why we have the S-curve formula set up like this.
Yes… It’s been set up that way. As that is what triggered a lot of results in past S-curve members.
But it’s those face to face interactions with people. That re-confirms everything that we do.
Which brings me to…

Getting back to meeting 1-5 people daily

Doing so… Keeps everything ‘real’ around ‘ere. Because we get to see first hand…

– The issues that are truly affecting you in your life
– How you’re using technology
– What you REALLY think about certain ish… That you don’t publish online

And folks can’t hide behind a face to face conversation.

And it’s always an interesting moment when you speak with ‘keyboard warriors’ face to face

Also… Meeting 1-5 people daily, is what brings these newsletters to life.
All real. All current day. Because what we talk about with those people, is what ends up here.
At which point, we can all have a discussion.
It all relates. As most of the people that we meet, have a similar ‘avatar’ to you.
– Works long hours
– Not much time for working out (Although not much is needed, after explaining the S-curve formula to them)
– Has a messed up nutrition regime
– And most importantly… Wants to fix it

To conclude

 Meeting people offline/online… That’s just a part of what we do.
And like I say, almost every time I meet someone.
”You learn something new… Every single time!”
But on a bigger scale. The network effect gets a huge boost, as we continue to evolve into an S-curve platform. Bringing all areas of the S-curve Xperience… 

– Buzzcoin

– Travel-curvish 2.0

– The S-curve member partner program

–  The S-curve program

– How we get down with food and supplements (S-curve formula)
– The items page
– The merch
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