It’s time to confront your demons (Like… REALLY!)

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Demon of Makai vibes... S-curvish gamergirl moments as Morrigan Aensland @sophiegamergirl
Demon of Makai vibes… S-curvish gamergirl moments as Morrigan Aensland @sophiegamergirl
So… The new year has finally kicked into gear.
And for many people. Life just ‘got real’ once again.
You see… Fall season is nice. It’s a warm and fuzzy time, where people get to be lazy, slack off, have fun and forget about life’s responsibilities.
And yes… WE look forward to that at some level too.
But unless you’re a kid, with parents looking after you. THAT… Will come to an end.
And it’s what I’m seeing now.
That is…. People waking up to reality.
And the reality of life is…
You can not suck at ‘life’… Otherwise life will suck for you!
– Doing a sh*t job at work
– Being an awful parent
– Not being punctual
– Being cheap
Embracing all of those things will eventually bite you in the butt.


It’s one main reason why people fail.
They simply make excuses in order to NOT confront the issues in their lives.
– Flying up the ranks in your field of work
– A better-curvish body
Bikini-curvish surf resort moments @rafamacedosz
Bikini-curvish surf resort moments @rafamacedosz
In each case… People will say things like….
”I have more important priorities”.
Here’s the problem with that excuse…
In each of the above scenarios… Neglecting one, will negatively affect you in the other.
It’s like cheating yourself for being cheap.
Being ‘cheap’, buys you a temporary solution, that will break sooner than you think.
Remember what I said in the > previous newsletter. About partnering with ‘high end’ businesses/products/services?
It’s so that YOU will never experience that ‘temporary solution syndrome’ within the S-curve Xperience.
Deep down…. People know that it’s a BS excuse.
The problem… Is that they’re playing a game of detection and not prevention.
Later on admitting that they should have faced their issues head on.

Confront your demons

Let me tell you one of mine.
A demon that I’ve never revealed publicly before. And the BS story that I HAD to stop telling myself.
So…. You see this website,
Well… I started it in 2009.
This is 5 years after starting my journey into the world of e-commerce, Silicon Valley internet start ups and ‘business’.
When you read the back story. You can see that I fell into a period of darkness, between 2007-2009.
I started this website to lift me out of it. Which of course, worked. And we’re still here, rocking and rolling. Although rolling quite differently to how we was back then (Now an S-curve Xperience/lifestyle).
But around 2010, when I started to get things rolling. There was 2 BS stories that I was telling myself.
– I’m not confident enough to workout in the gym with all those hyper fit people.
– I’m too old to ask for help in business.
– I’m too old to ask for help in business.?
I’ll get to the gym issue in a moment. But not yet. As it wasn’t that serious. And was actually kinda warranted (For me… At that time).
– I’m too old to ask for help in business?
Here I am… In my 20’s. And I thought I was too old to ask for outside help?
I partly blame the ‘then internet start up scene’. Because at that time. It was all about being 18-23 years old. Securing big money from investors and selling big.
Either way… It was still a silly thought process.
Because even today, a decade later. Seeking help in some way, is the norm. In all areas of business and life.
Lack of experience on my part?
Maybe. But still a demon that I had to confront and get over.
For YOU?
My demon, is a demon that a lot of adults face.
They were taught that adults should know it all and have all the answers. Especially after a certain age.
Because of this… They don’t want to reveal their ‘life’ issues. At least not to the public.
They don’t want to seem weak, inferior or be looked at as a failure.
Maybe you’re the same.
From my 8 year experience of 121 coaching. I noticed that it’s more of an issue with men (Especially younger) than women.
Women are more in touch with their emotions (Which is one reason why I focused on coaching women than men. Much easier. More pleasant. No ‘ego’ to deal with).
If you are seeing this. Do one thing.
> Jump in the 121 chats.
That’s the ultimate private space to reveal all, where no one else is looking.
It’s the no.1 place where everyone gets fixed.
Just look through every other > recent newsletter.
I’m constantly posting screenshots of all the 121 chats that go on (Hiding names).
And you’ll see all of the issues.

The bottom line is…

There is zero reason to act like you have all your sh*t together.
Especially when you don’t.
Seek the help. Pay for the help.
Because this is how you’ll feel, once you do…

A message from the S-curve Partner Program

We continue to line up more relevant partners into our world.
– Individuals
Like new member @termehkamali
Like new member @termehkamali @ bikini-curvish boat life moments
– Individuals with a business
– And > established businesses 
'Soft lean' bikini-curvish moments @vicky__way
‘Soft lean’ bikini-curvish moments @vicky__way
And after this past weekends shenanigans. We’re looking to add a business into the S-curve Partner program… That provides this… 
Yup…  😀
Basically… What our current > wine partner provides @ curated wines delivered to your door monthly.
Just… Replaced with the above :D.
This was all instigated by…
1. The sweets that we’ve been eating from Japan. Chocolate infused with wine.
2. Re-explaining the updated payment plan of the the S-curve member program to some past S-curve members, who have returned.
Where they now realise that we start to have fun with food, after 45-90 days of being a serious active member…

Apparel shenanigans?

Always highlighting the new arrivals.
Where gym attire meets OOTD-curvish casual attire @fitnydon89
Where gym attire meets OOTD-curvish casual attire @fitnydon89
Along with established favorites.
Where gym attire meets OOTD-curvish casual attire @bloggeronpole
Where gym attire meets OOTD-curvish casual attire @bloggeronpole
Oh… We have some new checkout bonus codes for you to use too…
Hurry though. As they don’t last forever!
It was an ‘Air time’ ALL DAY weekend for a lot of us.
And for some of us… We got into experimenting with new flavors in this department…
'Air time' fun with CBD and vape stuff @vicky__way
‘Air time’ fun with CBD andvape stuff @vicky__way

The latest from our S-curve Xperience shenanigans…

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