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Yes… In regards to everyone that is present within the S-curve Xperience.
– S-curve members
Legends like S-curve member Amy
Legends like S-curve member Amy
– S-curve partner program members
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Because you know… It’s really just for show.

And because of course… We simply have fun with everything we get up to within the Xperience.

The above… With the workouts… But especially with our fave thing of all… Eating whatever the fudge (Our word for f**k) we want…

– Once we’re at least 60% ‘soft lean’ S-curvish

– On a TC2.0 trip We’ve Xperienced many years doing this on trips.

YOU ending up on this insta… Is basically being auto-qualified as an S-curve partner program member.

The S-curve partner program… Which partly exists… So that YOU can start travelling more.. And doing ish like this.

Hit this page… >

You’ll see some of our new partners there too. And what’s required to qualify as an S-curve partner program member.

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– Associates

– YOUR family/’people’
S-curve world folk/folkerinas…
The following statement is what you don’t see (Unless you’re watching what we do, closely).
Our crazy obsession with making everything we do… ‘great’.
But you will 100% ‘feel’ that statement though.
For you, the reader/watcher…
It’s why you’ve ended up seeing this newsletter.
This post said it best…
The ‘Xperience’ is free… Going deeper costs money…
Because you should absolutely feel super great about spending any money in our world. And to get to that point, you must enjoy your time here..
Our obsession has been there since day one.
Back in the day… There used to be a checklist on a wall, of the things we sucked at/were great at. And our goal to make the ‘suck’ list non-existent.
For example… 
The S-curve member program
It started back in 2012 (Although it wasn’t called that then).
At that time… We knew we could help you achieve results. But what we couldn’t so… Was 100% guarantee it.
That gradually improved over time, as we started to perfect our ‘now’ > S-curve formula.
– 2014 = 60% guarantee
– 2016 = 90% guarantee
– Beyond = 100% guarantee
Because over time… We kept learning what made people succeed. Physically, mentally and spiritually.
Yes… Old news now. But Becoming S-curvish is much more than just fixing the body/butt.
Either way… We’re constantly going beyond ‘beyond’… To make you feel awesome about everything you get involved with in S-curve world!


We’ve never been a fan of what they typically look like online.
And so… If you do a Google search for anything ‘we’ve’ created. You won’t find any.
What you will find… And what we will always focus on. Is positive responses about…
– The Xperience we provide
– The results we’ve helped people achieve
Via direct messages on chat apps and social media channels.
And so.. It’s time for a big screen shot session. Which will highlight the existence of today’s newsletter/post.
If you was there… Follow > This page. And sign up > here to start receiving those messages again.
There’s way more. But I’m not going to bore you by showing them all!
These messages happen ‘in the moment’… Just like it does when dealing with people face to face.
Because you know… We all end up in the chats. Once we go our separate ways after meeting up.
You know when we end every post by asking you to reply to messages and in comments sections?
It’s to learn more about YOU.
Because as usual… People aren’t quick to reveal their issues with just anyone.
Think about those people who are unhappy in relationships. Who just, up and leave without an explanation to their significant other.
Cowardly, yes. But… It’s just what people do.
Of course… People ‘leave’ things all the time. And it will always be that way.
What’s more important… Is…
– Learning that you are enjoying your stay here within the Xperience.
– And how to keep it that way.
All of those responses above, keeps us on the right track. And let’s us know we’re on the right track.
And if there’s something you don’t like… Don’t be shy. Mention it. We’ll talk about. Because ANYTHING you see in our world, exists for a reason.
Of course… It’s OUR job to provide a unique and enjoyable Xperience. And every year… I myself, make predictions about what’s to come in the year ahead.
Yes… Me and all things @fitbuzz is guiding you to a life of awesomeness.
But the back bone of the evolving S-curve Xperiennce, comes down to 121 communication with YOU.
– Online
– Face to face
– Maybe up in space in the future 🙂
On that note…
1. Add this phone number (09279345957) to your Viber and Whatsapp (We’ll start working with text in a strong way very shortly).
2. Hmmm… TikTok (Experimenting).
3. The usual @ > Messenger chats.
4. The FB group.
We have one more newsletter to go for the year (Tuesday). So I’ll see you there).

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