Introducing a new type of scan (Dexascan)

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First: The S-curve Xperience 

It of course… All started  with Becoming S-curvish. Which is part 1 of 4 of the S-curve Xperience.

We’ll continue to talk about that in just a sec.
First… Let us re-highlight our core goals.
1. To live your best life, with your best people. In your best body 
2. To make each part of the S-curve Xperience more awesome.
And in terms of Becoming S-curvish. That means a seamless way to get and keep results.
– An easy way to start 
– An easy way to keep going 
– An easy way to get to 90-100% S-curvish.
The 1st two points listed above are pretty easy to achieve in our world.
As we have created simple formulas (S-curve formula) over the past 10 years… To make that a reality.
– Short 2-3 and 5-10 minute workout videos that you can stream from anywhere on any device.
– 24/7/365 121 coaching chats from anywhere 
This simple approach to buying any food or supplement 
To name a few.
But the 3rd point is where things can get tricky, in order to achieve that goal.
Sure… You can take your time, over a period of 1-5 years to achieve it.
But some folks are impatient. And we all know that super results gives super motivation.
In order to achieve THAT goal. We must go more precise.
With the:
– Workouts and exercises 
– Food types
– Rest periods 
– Supplements 
And one other boring but necessary area…
– Body fat testing 
– Body composition
– Muscle testing 
– Bone testing 
There have been many different ways to make this happen, over the years.
But as with almost all things…
Evolution takes place. And the old methods get replaced by new ones.

ENTER: Dexascan

I won’t talk about the old methods here.
You can research those on your own. We’re here to talk about the ‘new’.
And the reason why this method gets a mention today. Is because it’s in line, with how we live within the S-curve Xperience.
And… It ticks the boxes, in regards to our core goals, that was mentioned earlier.

What we need…

An easy, quick and effective way to find out what those above metrics are.

How we achieve it with Dexascan?

Just one simple Xray (Yup). Which takes just 7 minutes to do.
You lay down. Get a scan. Done!
And then we let technology do the rest of the the work.
You can read everything in detail, over on their website > here.
But once all is said and done. The following results is what you’ll be looking at.
  • Total body bone mineral density
  • Total body muscle mass
  • Total body fat mass
  • Total body bone mass
  • Total body fat percentage
  • Muscle and fat mass in the trunk
  • Muscle and fat mass in your right and left arm
  • Muscle and fat mass in your right and left leg
  • Central abdominal fat measurement

To conclude 
We have always said that we’re going to continuously highlight new things that we stumble upon, throughout our daily S-curve Xperience shenanigans.
Wether that be via:
– Food or supplement findings 
– Travel-curvish 2.0 destinations 
– Effective/Useful workout equipment
– Various/miscellaneous items… Most of which we’ll look for on Amazon… After Xperiencing them first hand
This scan fits into that list. And hopefully… Just like everything else we highlight… Improves over time.
At which point… We often decide to partner up with them.
Copy the code below to your web site.

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