Introducing: 2-4 week S-curve Xperience ‘Air time’ trips

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People of S-curve world…
Right now… There’s all talk going on… In regards to eyeing up what phase one of re-opening countries around the world will look like…
It’s something that we must all pay attention to, because all of our lives have been affected by COVID-19.
Especially for us… As we are present in many countries around the world…
And especially for us… As we now have different products/services/elements that make up what is, the S-curve Xperience.
For example…
> Travel-curvish 2.0 was the hottest thing. And was growing to be so, ever since 2014.
That of course… Came to an immediate halt, once the lockdowns kicked in during March 2020.
And knocked the wind out of many of our TC2.0 associates.
– The > S-curve Member Program (SMP)
Online/Offline… It’s all the same. The same S-curve formula is used.
Online remained the same. Since the program has been built to work remotely.
But offline… It has/had me… Travelling the world, or for people to come to me (Usually a gym within a condo). Where we connect and embrace the program face-to-face.
Which is also where they get nurtured into parts 2-4 of the S-curve Xperience.
Which often ends up with meet ups, shopping and TC2.0 trips. Like…
All of that… Came to an immediate halt.
And so…
It’s become very clear… That the ‘New normal’ world that we’re entering… Is going to look pretty different to what it was, before COVID-19 hit us in the guts.
The 'New normal'
The ‘New normal’
We can already see it, with the way peoples thought processes have changed, via their social media posts.
– People now have something new to fear… Similar to how people feared HIV and AIDS in the 90’s.
– Some people have lost family/friends because of COVID-19.
– Confidence levels, mental health, careers and income levels have been impacted.
So ya…  The mood around the world… Has changed somewhat, since COVID took full flight in 2020.

What Travel-curvish 2.0 will look like in the ‘New normal’ world?

That…. We can’t know for sure yet.
What we do know… Is that the Airlines are working with authorities right now, to plan out what that may start to look like…
Here’s an email that I recently received…
Air asia covid-19
Air asia covid-19
Air asia covid-19
In S-curve world… Our associates have already started to embrace one element of our ‘new normal’ reality, in regards to TC2.0.
And that is…

2-4 week S-curve Xperience ‘Air time’ trips

Yup… I talked about it in this newsletter recently…
Current day update – S-curve Xperience… ‘Life’ during COVID-19
But here’s what’s up…
The old
– TC2.0 is all about 2-4 day trips… To a destination that’s 2-4 hours away from home.
– It was very easy to travel around freely and very hassle free.
– It was easy to embrace multiple activities, in just 2-4 days.
That will likely change now.
And if it does… And if we can’t embrace it like we was doing…
Then… That won’t be living the best variation of what your current daily life looks like. Which is of course… What the S-curve Xperience is all about.
The new
– People now work remotely… Either via the company they work for. Or a > new business that they have started or > already ran.
– People will likely be at home more… Or situated in private settings (Not so public).
Which means for me… Less of this…
For now… That will likely mean less travel. Yet… We all want to earn, spend those earnings and live the S-curve Xperience to the max.
And so… As we’re seeing… 
2-4 week trips… Living in an Airbnb style of place, is a thing that we’ll embrace.
Most likely with a core group of people.
– We have the roof top
– We have nature
– We have BBQ stations
– We have work… Since we’re working remotely 
We have everything we need, in order to live an awesome life.
Less travel will be needed, with 2-4 week S-curve Xperience ‘Air time’ trips.
And the goal, will be to change these locations every time we go.
All of this isn’t theory… It’s already happened/happening… As you can see above.
All of the above… Is a prime example of opportunities presenting themselves amongst chaos.
Because all of the above… Is awesome.
Yet… We somehow, didn’t think of embracing this idea, before COVID-19 hit.
Also…. Before COVID. Working remotely wasn’t considered a mandatory thing, by the masses.
It was considered an option. Or a thing that ‘can’ be done.
Over night… It changed to mandatory, for everyone.
Everyone now has to live online in some way, in order to live life, survive and thrive.
So yes… That has been a major catalyst for the embracing of this new TC2.0 element within the S-curve Xperience.

An opportunity for S-curve Partner Program folk who embrace these new trips…

I make predictions often.
With the latest prediction… Of assuming the S-curve Partner Program would become a ‘thing’.
And I was right.
It did… Back in January,  after officially announcing it during the holiday season of 2019.
What I didn’t know… Was that COVID-19 would come along and boost it’s popularity even higher. 
As a surge of new people jumped onto the internet, once the global quarantine came into play.
Right now… I predict that 2-4 week S-curve Xperience ‘Air time’ trips will become a ‘thing’. For all the reasons I talked about above.
As an > Individual/Business… Your goal, is to stand out. Which has become harder to do in recent times.
Which is one reason why the S-curve Partner Program came into existence.
And so… Once daily life starts to get back to a ‘new normal’. Start embracing these trips.
Record everything.
What we’ll do… Is post the highlights to all of our channels.
If you already follow… Then you know what that looks like.
We already know that our followers love our ‘Partner posts’.
And if you end up creating a unique trip. Expect to see your popularity boom somewhat. From the extra exposure from us.
The entire world is ready to see what this new world will bring.
So once we ease into it… Take those trips… Record everything. Then send it to us.
Remember… The only requirements needed to be a part of the S-curve Partner Program =
– Look 60-100% ‘soft lean’ S-curvish
– To be/Want to be… Living a variation of an S-curve Xperience lifestyle

Some SPP words

Remember… As a business. Our goal isn’t to get you a mass number of un-targeted followers.
Our goal… Is to send people to you, who are the ‘right fit’ for YOU.
That will lead to increased sales and more money.
That’s the core of the S-curve Partner Program (Business).
Read this: Your followers and website hits don’t mean SH*T… But this DOES! 

To conclude

Naturally… This topic will come up again at some point. So watch this space.
For now… Let’s all continue to adapt to whatever news comes our way, as we evolve in this ‘New normal’ life we have entered into.

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