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I’ve been having quite a lot of personal interactions with a lot of you recently and it has come to my attention that many of you wish to do great things with your lives and ‘become somebody’.

Not to just build a great body and look like a million dollars.

But to build a great body, look like a million dollars and make a million dollars!

And my answer to that…

If you believe it, follow and read it, you deserve it! The bodybuilding lifestyle

I guess that solidifies the points I made in this post,

15 Things Successful Bodybuilders And Successful Entrepreneurs Have In Common

And now I’m going to give you a kick start that will set you on that path.

#1 Building A Great Body

We already know that building a great body will make you look like a million dollars and there is definitely no shortage of information on how to do that on Stay-Fit Bug. But you already knew that I’m sure 😉

However, looking great is just one bonus of the lifestyle. There are so many more benefits than just looking great in order to attract some ass from the opposite sex…

1.  People will perceive and respond to you like you are worth a million dollars.

That will sometimes attract those that are already adopting the million dollar mindset – Successful people ( I didn’t say rich… I said successful. There is a difference!) The Law of attraction is at work here. I’ll explain shortly.

2.  You will inevitably become an inspiration to others in your personal network.

This can build wealth. Not money, but wealth. In simple terms you create valuable favour for a favour relationships.


” I’m currently taking a trip to L.A to attend a very rare and golden opportunity. I have money Mr successful business man/ woman… friend. But it won’t come to fruition for the next 4 months. Care to sponsor me?

What do you think the answer will be If you’ve inspired or brought value to that persons life, which all stemmed from building a rocking body???

3.  Better Sex

Ok, there is are benefits to attracting the opposite sex…

Exercise increases circulation, which helps with muscle endurance, strength and flexibility. It also helps prevent erectile dysfunction and impotence.

4.  Less Stress

Exercise releases endorphins which make you feel happier and more relaxed.

5.  Helps Fight Disease

Exercise helps fight cholesterol, heart disease and osteoporosis.

6.  Helps Lose Weight

Exercising increases your metabolism, which helps you lose weight and keep it off!

7.  Better Immune System

Exercise strengthens the heart and lungs and slows down decay of the immune system, making for a healthier body.

8.  Better Sleep

Exercise creates a natural dip in body temperature 5-6 hours after working out, helping you fall asleep faster and have a deeper sleep.

9. Reduces Blood Pressure

Exercise not only reduces high blood pressure, it helps prevent it.

10.  Prevents Cancer

Exercising could regularly help prevent colon and breast cancer.

11.  Prevents Diabetes

Exercise reduces the risk for developing type 2 diabetes.

12.  Longer Life Expectancy

Exercise prolongs life. People who exercise regularly live longer.

13.  And of course, it can lead to career opportunities.

  • Info on current events
  • Modeling
  • Acting
  • And others

#2 Build Your Bodybuilding Network

– Because you become what you think about.

– You become who you socialize with.

You can do this via this site, social networks, networking events or wherever like minded people are present. Just know that those in your chosen network need to have the same mind set as you. This will help you greatly, and this has a lot to do the laws of attraction.

If you want to know more on that, read this book.

(Which ‘I’ believe is about a 50/50 split… in the world of reality)

– You now look like a million dollars

– You are now on the path to making a million dollars (How long it takes is not an issue)


#3 Make sure you look out for No.1!

I already know that many of you aspire to do great things, regardless of your age and background, and you really should strive to do what you love and go big with it where you can and where the opportunity arises.

And why the hell not!

It is your life after all. It is a great thing to be making a difference on this planet we call earth, whether that be helping others or any other thing that is deemed great. But the ultimate rule still stands

Look out for number 1

For a couple of reasons

1) You can’t plan to help anyone unless you have some solid foundation or backbone to your entirety. You don’t have to be the complete person that you wish to be, no. But some part of your being needs to be solid. Usually in the form of knowledge or Personal wealth.

“The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for.”

— Bob Marley

2) Change is a guaranteed constant in this world and the life you see before your eyes today may not be the life you see tomorrow. People come and go, circumstances change and many other things. Because of this you need to be ready. You need to do you and adjust when these things happen. Nobody likes it and there’s not much we can do about it, but this is another reason why you need to look out for no.1, because the only ones that will be left standing will be those that are true to YOU when that change does come.

There are loads of books out there that you can read that can guide you on this path, and I’ve mentioned one of the good ones here too (@ Law of Attraction). But everything mentioned here is what I would consider the ‘core’ start of what you need to do if your goal is to improve yourself for wealth and riches… not just a rocking body. Or you could just simply go with the flow, not take yourself ‘too’ seriously and live a great and happy bodybuilding lifestyle, which in the end is all that really matters.

… FTW (For The Win – For those not up-to-date with today’s slang ;))

See you in the comments.

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