I really do have muscles…Can’t you tell?

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This is a topic that has affected me for all of my training life to date. What this means, is that you train like a body builder and have the muscles like a body builder but don’t appear very ‘body builder like’ when fully clothed. For myself this doesn’t bother me one bit…… 😐

Who am i kidding, of course it bothers me, as the usual reasons a guy works out is to build muscle, increase strength and look physically healthy (to the opposite sex – Any guy that says different is lying!)

In regards to building muscle, one would assume that increased muscle mass would lead to a ‘perceived’ increase in size on first appearance (when fully clothed). For slim, average build or tall guys this is not always so. Unless you get REALLY BIG in size (body builder big). Then you will always have the appearance of a slim (slightly bigger slim) person. Your frame just doesn’t seem to change. Below are examples of people of both types:

Slim to body builder big

Triple H (WWF – Professional Wrestler)

muscle buildingbodybuilding tipsbodybuilding tips

LL Cool J – (Music Artist/Actor)

building lean bodyll2secret to get big biceps

Slim to slightly bigger slim (or looks slim when fully clothed)

Ryan Reynolds                          Booker T                                     Christopher Gorham

(Actor)                                         (Wrestler)                                    (Actor)

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If people can’t tell from first appearance that you are a muscle scuplted individual underneath all those clothes, it can be both a gift and a curse because:

a) You build muscle to aim for the natural, healthier bulkier look when clothed…but don’t! 🙁

b) When that top does come off, peoples perception of you changes ‘for the better’. And that really can be a good feeling.

Women’s bodies are the same. If a woman is of a naturally slim build yet has a fantastic figure, unless she shows it, you would never know she was hiding those wonderful lumps and bumps that she possesses. I’m not sure if the whole ‘showing off’ thing is a problem for a woman. But i know that it is for a man. It is for me, and for the people that i have met over the years, they state that is a problem for them to. Since that is the case, the solution for guys is simple.


Yes, we do hear this saying all the time. But not all people follow this through. I guess it all comes down to the individual and what their goals are. But if you do have a well sculpted body and the masses can’t tell that you do. SHOW IT OFF!. Wear clothes that will complement your physique. This especially applies to taller guys, as most tall guys will naturally look long and lanky.

Usain Bolt (world record holder – 100m, 200m)

workout tips for a lean body

I wouldn’t suggest wearing clothes that are too tight (unless that’s your kinda thing of course). But stick to fitted t-shirts, fitted shirts, vests and tailor made tops and suits. Avoid the baggy clothes.

Do this and the reactions you’ll get from people will be positive for sure. You will definitely notice a difference. It will also boost your confidence, self esteem and may even lead to good opportunities (cover of Mens Health Magazine anyone? 😉

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