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People… Thursday…
The following is for S-curve partner program members.
But you should probably read through, regardless of what you enjoy here, within the S-curve Xperience.
Because you never know what YOU might get into in the future (Seriously)!
Now… The partner program does a couple of core things, above many smaller individual things.
1. It helps bring you and your people together… Whilst getting you all S-curvish. To enjoy moments like…
Bikini-curvish 'Air time' @jessicarmond @lalacosta_m
Bikini-curvish ‘Air time’ @jessicarmond @lalacosta_m
2. Wether you need to Become S-curvish, already are and/or own a business. The S-curve partner program will give your business more exposure, for FREE.
And today, I’m going to reveal half of the secret, to why YOU will start getting more traffic and exposure to your profiles and websites.
(The other half is only told inside 121 chats and/or for those who become > S-curve members).
However… You would have already picked up on it… If you’ve kept up with every newsletter that goes out.

The half secret

We’ve been around for 10.5 years now. And have worked with 1000’s of people during that time.
Some are still active. Some aren’t.
But YOU being featured/mentioned/posted throughout our platforms. Means that when people search for us. They find YOU.
It happen pretty quickly too.
We’ve been testing this with our newest (And youngest) S-curve partner program members (First link above).
In short… It creates a compounding effect for your business/profiles.
The effect will compound some more. When people search for other S-curve partner program members.
Because when they find them. They’ll find you too!
The reason why this is extra important. Is because everyone who enters the S-curve partner program, has similar avatars.
– Looks 60-100% ‘soft lean’ S-curvish
– Are living some variation of the S-curve Xperience..
– Has similar interests
– Possibly dress in a similar way too
Which means that when their people find YOU. There’s a good chance that they’ll end up following you and getting into what you offer.
In fact… It’s been happening. For years!
We simply connected people who should be connected.
I see it happen every single day!
Also… You’ll start to receive private invitations to certain groups or people. Which you wouldn’t usually receive, if you wasn’t acquainted. 

To conclude

The key word here = Opportunity
– Look S-curvish
– Live The S-curve Xperience
– Get featured for free
Once you do… everything around you will GROW!
If you want a free feature in S-curve world, as a part of the Partner Program. Just send a DM.
It doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed a feature. But if you don’t get accepted. We’ll a least tell you why. And what to do, if you really want to be.

The latest

Our latest > business partners list.
There’s a big focus on this at present. As we are in the process of extending/enhancing the S-curve Xperience. Via complimentary products and services.
We’ve always done this. It’s just that things that we do, become more official over time.
This is one of those things.
A current fave… Is working with the team at > Born tough.
Can gym? Yes - Can OOTD casual? Yes (Born Tough apparel)
Can gym? Yes – Can OOTD casual? Yes (Born Tough apparel)
A lose fit around the hips... Let's your body breathe (Born Tough)
A lose fit around the hips… Let’s your body breathe (Born Tough)
The reason why… Is because what they offer (In regards to fashion), is closely connected to the daily life that I’ve been living (A variation of the S-curve Xperience).
In relation to the type of garments that are worn on a daily basis…
– lose-fitted (Not tight)
– Comfy
– ‘Pockets’
– Casual/smart
– For men and women
Just browse either of the links/images above/below. And be sure to scroll down on any item you see. As there’s a video on each one.
Not even the color black can hide an S-curvish body/butt @torriesbrown - Can gym wear? Yes - Can casual OOTD wear? Yes
Not even the color black can hide an S-curvish body/butt @torriesbrown #1 Can gym wear? Yes  #2 Can casual OOTD wear? Yes

This merch is always ‘mildly’ popular (Since 2011-ish)

You don’t always see these post on our social media profiles. So… I’m highlighting it today. Just incase you’re into these specific collection of designs…
Humpday on gym day... Gym day on hump day...
Humpday on gym day… Gym day on hump day…
As usual… Send a DM or leave a comment to talk about anything!
Copy the code below to your web site.


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