How to ‘Mind’ your own business in 2019 and beyond

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Buzzers… Monday… How to ‘Mind’ your own business.


It’s fall season. Which means the 2019 ‘planning’ shenanigans… Started happening half way through 2018.

And at the start of 2018 (Or any year). We make some predictions as to what’s to come, in the not so distant future.


‘Current day story so far’ highlights… Include:

– Moving into other areas, other than just body image fixing (Since 2014… 5 years later… And here we are).

– Newer (And sometimes better) technologies to embrace, outside of using this email newsletter.

– The importance of S-curve nutrition is on the rise. There’s a lot to embrace here (Always has been). So be ready.

– Buzzcoin shenanigans – Especially because of…


What we’re going to talk about today

Going by the conversations that are going on inside the Messenger apps.

The ‘fitness focus’, inside S-curve world… Really is just something that we do… Amongst a whole lot of other popular activities.

It’s been that way for the past 18-24 months actually. Just look at the > social media content.

The ‘workout’ posts only make up 20% of all content posted.

In fact… Nutrition posts are a lot more popular (Even with just one post every few days). Probably because EVERYONE needs help with that.

How to 'Mind' your own business

I can’t see that changing for a while either. Because people have an emotional bond with food. Temptation and other human emotions. Those aren’t going away.

They need to be coached, tamed and controlled @ YOU!


But other areas of popularity include:

– Travel-curvish (Most popular)

– Bikini/OOTD/OOTN attire (Slightly less popular… But in conjunction with TC above)

– Fun S-curve experience shenanigans > in the videos

– FB stories on MY profile

– The social media post, FB stories


Yup… Definitely an S-curve experience today. And remember. You need to get inside the…

– FB Messenger newsletter
– My profile FB stories > Messenger

– Post notifications on your phone/web browser to (Daily newsletter via blog posts).

In fact… You can see ALL of the places to follow, on the side bar. Take a look.


You know that > Hallow-curvish/Black Friday is there.

But you don’t really need that. You just need to know the theme behind it. And why it exists ‘right now’.

That’ll trigger a 121 chat. We’ll learn everything we need to, about you. Then we’ll figure out how to help you.

Enter: ”…The funk is wrong with my brain? (Fix it please)”

That’s the name of the next theme, after Hallow-curvish. And will probably stay like that for a while.

Because both men and women. Are asking for help with:

– Mindset
– Mental game
– Lifestyle
– Relationship chatter
– Business… And creating additional income streams via S-curve world (Since we’ve built a relationship together).

Which makes sense. Because being  ‘broken’ in those areas, causes you to fail in fitness.

So although we are helping more, in those areas now. The ‘Fitness focus’… Isn’t going anywhere. It’s just one thing that we do inside this S-curve experience.

The biggest thing that I’m focusing on right now. Is talking with EVERYONE.

And getting everyone ‘started’.

If it’s brand new people. It’s a mix between…

– Starting you for ‘nearly’ free (Via Buzzcoin)
– Or if you’re ready. A tailored Paypal link.

Everyone is different.

It’s no different than being at a LIVE event. Or meeting a ton of people everyday (Like what I’ve been doing for the past 2-3 months).

Everyone is at different levels of trust/goals/needs/wants.

So ya… You need to get inside the Messenger chats or comment sections!

Because these 1 way communication newsletters can’t help you much.


Is definitely the keyword today.

And today… I’m super active, LIVE and kicking. Daily.

And don’t worry… I get plenty of sleep. As I’ve been using ‘systems’ behind the scenes for years (Which is just ‘business operations’).

Like… How do you think the S-curve formula was created?



What’s trending?

– If you > wanna fly

– Weird… But… > Wall art
#1 Message first, reply second (FB Messenger/Tumblr/Instagram)
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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