How to Fix A Dislocated Shoulder

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If you were to ask me what the top 5 greatest pains that I have ever experienced are, then having a dislocated shoulder would rank very high on that list. For the past decade or so that I have been training, this is the injury that has set me back the most throughout my muscle building endeavors. Every time that I have managed to reach a mile stone, whether it is building for strength or size, this is the injury that has**************************************** W A I T B E F O R E Y O U G O ! CLICK THE CANCEL BUTTON RIGHT NOW TO STAY ON THE CURRENT PAGE. I HAVE SOMETHING VERY SPECIAL FOR YOU! ************************************ stopped me in my tracks EVERY single time.

Yes, I may sound pissed off. That’s because I am. The reason for that is because this injury initially happened to me once… just ONCE.


From being too quick for my own good during sprint training back as an athlete.  A technique I would use for a quick start would be to begin in a press up position, shoot up and off straight from the position into the sprint. I naturally became really fast after a while. Then one day I decided to up the ante and move SUPER fast. So that was,

1) Press up position

2) Shoulder up and out on take off

3) Then over and forward

And BAM! First time ever my shoulder falls out of its socket.

And since that day it has popped out numerous times and at very unexpected times. Times when my muscles were about to explode in size from all the hard work at the gym. Yes, I managed to strengthen my delts from working out and building muscle (Which helped a lot). But all it takes is for you body to be positioned the incorrect way in alignment with your shoulder for your shoulder to fall out its socket.

Many have suffered this same injury and some deal with it better than others. But for the first few years I couldn’t figure out how to put my shoulder straight back in when it came out. The problem with that is the longer your shoulder stays out of your socket, the more damage will be done once you do manage to get it back in (And the harder it will be to get it back in).

(What a b***h)

There were even times I had to go to the hospital for them to slip it back in. Inhaling morphine and all of that nonsense. If you are physically active in the gym or in sport then I will now show you just how to get your shoulder back in place and how to repair the damage.

The Fix

The moment that your shoulder comes out, it will give you a shock. You will most likely be scared, panic and probably think that your arm is about to fall right off. The bad thing about this is that in order for your shoulder to go back in, you will have to relax. How can you relax when you are panicking and in pain? You can’t, but you will have to learn how to.

What you need to do is twist your body around so that you are either sitting upright in a chair, or laying flat on your back. Once you do that, you must then lock your dislocated shoulder/ arm vertically by your side, as close as you can. Once you do that, like magic, your shoulder should pop right back in.

It really is that simple. The hardest part is getting into position and allowing yourself to relax.

The Aftermath

As long as you have managed to get your shoulder back in as quick as possible, you shouldn’t be in too much pain. However, your muscles will still be sore. Because of this you will probably have to take a week out from the gym. Yes, that is a real bummer. But you are better off repairing yourself than risking possible further injury.

The key point here is that you MUST get your shoulder back in place as quick as you can. The shorter the time it’s out, the shorter the injury time will be. The longer the time it’s out, the longer the injury time will be.

If you ever do face this injury then these are the rules to follow. As long as you do, then this injury will plague your life no more.

Have you dislocated your shoulder before?

See you in the comments.

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  1. matt callison says:

    Hello Shuan –

    I am an author about to finish a book on Sports Medicine Acupuncture. I was wondering if I may use the photo you have of the athlete with a shoulder subluxation. If so, do you have the high res image?

    Thank you,

    matt callison

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