How to eat during holiday season? (Not what you think!)

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The holiday season vibes are here folks.

And today… I’m going to teach you the approach that we started to embrace, around 5 years ago. When the S-curve formula/experience started to form.

Because what was being taught… And embraced. Was BS. And not sustainable. And more importantly. Not fun!

If sh*t isn’t fun. You are not going to stick to it.

Like… Can you imagine staying with a hubby/boyfriend wife/girlfriend… That you didn’t like any more.

Nope… You just leave.

Now… What was being embraced. And which still probably happens. Is that people will binge-fest ‘galore’… During Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.

And then start thinking about fixing their binge-fest shenanigans. Some time between the end of December and during February of the following year.

In S-curve world…

Don’t do that… Do this…

Start thinking long term @ 1-5 years.

#1 That’s the life I’ve been living… Documenting everyday for the past 3 years on my FB profile @ this album

#2 Holiday season…

Don’t dread the binge. In fact… Embrace it and look forward to it… Once you start living S-curvishly @ Already eating S-curvishly and following the S-curve formula shenanigans.


A) You’re probably a very busy person. And even as an S-curve member… You’re not going to do things perfectly, every single time @ fixing your mind, body and lifestyle.

And in terms of nutrition. You’re going to miss out on important ingredients that your body needs.

Holiday season is one of the only times of the year… Where someone has cooked a lot of food (= A lot of nutrient variety).

And… A time of year where you’ll have time to eat it all. Enjoy it. And to let your body rest properly.

That’s a super combo for boosting results.

And yes… This can be 1 of the 4 times of the year… Where you take 7-10 days off from workouts. So that your body re-feeds properly.

What about all that extra ‘crappy (saturated) fat that I’m putting into my guts?

Yes… That is a problem…

For the people who are not currently living S-curvishly!

Why is that so?

Because the only way a few days of food binging can affect you… Is if you’re already on the road of gaining excess fat, over a number of months/years.

Getting results takes time. And you, looking/feeling like trash… That process takes time too.

Your current day lifestyle would have allowed that to happen.

So… If you’ve been following everything that you’ve been taught so far, within S-curve world. Then for you… Please embrace the fall season binge-fests.

#1 Because your body will be rewarded for it.

#2 Because Tis the S-curve experience.

And a lot of you don’t give a sh*t about fitness and nutrition. You just want to learn what’s right and wrong… @ the stuff you’re doing in your daily life today.

And to of course… Enjoy the other parts of the S-curve experience.

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