How Changing Your Lifestyle Can Help Improve Your Mood and Mental Health

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While it’s obvious that our minds and bodies are connected, people still seem to forget how much physical health can impact mental health, and vice versa. Having too much stress induces actual chemical reactions in your body, which leads to the release of all sorts of hormones that can translate into physical illness.

Making changes to your daily routine and life habits can translate into a healthier body. Let’s take a look at a few lifestyle changes you could make to improve your mood and mental health.

Improve Your Diet and Get Moving

Try to integrate as many whole foods like whole grains, leafy green vegetables, seafood, lean red meat, and legumes as you can in your diet. All of these are also full of goodies like zinc, essential fatty acids, folate, and magnesium, which have been shown to significantly improve cognitive function.

Foods that contain polyphenols, such as dark chocolate, tea, and berries also have an important role to play in brain function; even wine does in moderation. As a matter of fact, the compound in red wine that contains the polyphenol, Resveratrol, can also be found in supplement form. So, you can have all of its neuroprotective benefits without the hangover.

Mix it Up

Research suggests that adults should get at least thirty minutes of exercise per day for health reasons. This could be anything from weight lifting, to cardio, or playing sports. 

Find what’s best for you, or try different things on different days. You can go on walks in the morning, have two days when you play a sport, and two days where you do some strength training. You’ll be able to get more activity this way and won’t feel like it’s a chore.

Get Help

If you’re dealing with substance abuse, or an unhealthy relationship, we strongly suggest that you curb dependencies by seeing a therapist. You could choose to see a therapist individually, or one that provides help to a group. 

One of the benefits of group therapy is that you may be able to build a support network once you’ve shared your experiences and understood your struggles. Your group members may be the only people who’ll truly be able to understand and empathize with you on your situation. Things become easier when you realize you’re not alone.

Reconnect with Nature

A lot of people aren’t aware of how therapeutic a walk in nature can be. For one, you get a chance to soak up all that good vitamin D, which is not only essential for mental health, but helps regulate our sleep cycles as well. However, it also allows you to disconnect from everything else in the world and connect with the now. 


If you manage to make these few simple changes in your life, we guarantee that you’ll see a change in the way that you feel and think. So, make sure to at least consider some of the options, and always remember there’s a connection between your physical and your mental state.

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