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Now this is something that i have debated over with myself for a few years. Which is better for you? The home work out or the gym workout? Well, both are good. But which one you choose comes down to your needs and desires. From a personal experience i would choose the gym work out, simply because i have always achieved better results from using the best equipment ( and to actually WORKOUT).

The best routine for people with busy schedules (which is the majority) would be to have a variation of both home workout routines and gym workout routines in any given week. The days you go to the gym will give you your optimum results, and the home workout days will allow you to maintain those results. But lets break down all the possible factors of which can help you determine which to choose.


Many people who are body concious tend not to want to show off to a group of strangers. This mainly affects people who are trying to lose weight and is probably one of the key reasons these people put off going to a gym. If this is you then a home workout may suit you best.

Gym open hours

I have personally experienced a conflict with this. You will always have to schedule your workout times around the gym open hours. But the gym open hours  may conflict with your daily/weekly schedule. If so, again…you may want to opt for the home workout.

Crowded gym

This coincides with the above. First you have to schedule your routine around gym open hours. Secondly, you will have to schedule your routine around the ‘non busy’ periods in that gym. You can:

a) Choose a non commercial/ local gym

b) Use my method of gym/ home workout routines

Pay as you go vs memberships

If you are affected by gym open hours and crowded gyms, then you probably have quite a dynamic yet busy schedule (non 9- 5ers). If so then it maybe be a good idea to opt for a pay as you go gym and utilize my method of gym/home work out routines. Believe me, you will save a lot of money doing so!

Workout time, no excuses

Now having a home gym has its benefits, but since your gym its at HOME you now have no excuse to put the ‘workout time’ off. Easier said then done when your favorite TV series comes on, wife and kids come home, girlfriend steps in, friends come over…(sound familair?). This is when going to gym wins in 2 ways:

1) Damn i’ve paid this membership fee…i need to use it.

2) Pushes your motivation and you tend to workout to your max.

The weather

It maybe winter, or you live in a country where it frequently rains (The UK!). If this is the case…home gym is for you


Is the gym far from your home? if so and if you have no means of transport. Home gym it is.

The Look of Love

Now i am not one to go out looking for love, as i believe that love will find you when it’s ready (but thats a different matter). But if you are, then you could well and truly find it at the gym. I for sure have met quite a few like minded ladies in all of the gyms i attended over the years. So if you are looking, then stay out of the home and get yourself down to the gym.

Home suitable gym

Not all homes can be tailored to be built into a gym setting. You would usually need a fair amount of space and understanding housemates/family. If not, then you better keep that membership going. But if your home can be tailored, then you’ll be saving a lot of money, as home gyms are less costly than gym membership costs overtime.

Home gym equipment

Ok, so your home is suitable to be converted into a gym setting.

If you do decide that you prefer to exercise at home vs gym, you will need to carefully select the best home gym equipment for you.  The best home gym equipment allows you to perform several types of exercises on one piece of equipment, is suitable for people at various levels of physical fitness, and is easy to store in your home.  It is also affordable for the average person.

I’m no pro, who do i learn from?

One negative to going the home gym route is that you do not have access to trained professionals to help you learn to use the equipment and develop an exercise routine that is best for you.  There are a couple of ways you can deal with that.  Exercise equipment that you purchase frequently comes with an instructional video.  If so, watch the video carefully.  Sales representatives may be trained in helping you learn to use the equipment but they may not, so ask about their credentials before seeking their assistance with this.  You can also hire a personal trainer for a session or two just to help you get started on your exercise routine.

This is a negative for sure and a huge positive to going to a gym. Although the professionals are there, the best people you will learn from are the regulars that you train with. They will tell you when you are doing something wrong (something i mentioned in an earlier post). Without that you could well be doing yourself more harm then good. No amount of money saved can compensate for damaging your health.

If you have training experience and a home suitable to be gym equipped, then going the home gym route can work pretty well. You will probably maintain your exercise plan for a lot longer than those paying gym memberships to. If not, then you would probably be best suited to sticking with your local gym, membership or Pay as you go.

If you have any other thoughts or experiences on Home vs Gym workouts, do send your comments. I would love to hear them!

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