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Going deeper part 1. So that you can see where this series started.


So… You’re here. Looking for info right? You are looking for a sign…
Well… I’ll tell you right now. If you want to Become S-curvish (Or succeed at anything else). You need to fix the way ya brain works!
Let’s just stick to Becoming S-curvish for today.
– You can follow free videos on working out and nutrition
– You can follow a specific person
– You can follow proven plans 
But what most people realise over time. Is that they find themselves in the same situation as where they started. Even after applying/trying all of the above!
Because in order to truly win. You need to work side by side. With someone that has or is achieving, what you want to achieve.
I always refer to > this story from 2016.
That is a lady that I knew and became close with. And for 2 years. She ignored that fact that I was helping many women change their lives.
The reason I did ignore her (Kinda). Is because she had a broken mindset. And I refused to help her because of it (I did initially try to).
2 years later. After going on and off, doing her own thing. And nothing working for her, during that entire time.
She got serious and started with me again.
And within 2 weeks. All of her friends and family wondered what the fudge she did?
Because they viewed her as the ‘fat girl’, who works out, but stays fat.
And the answer was simple. I just ran her through the S-curve formula.
The same one that everyone else goes through.
The only difference, is that some people shred/grow faster/slower than others. Based on attributed like age, weight, experience, injuries.


This is the reason why the heart of the program, shifted from a workout focus. To 121 coaching, mindset and therapy focused.
Because that’s what was (Still is) helping everyone win.
Teaching the ‘what to do’, with the ‘how to do’.
This applies to most things you want to succeed in @ life.
What YOU guys ask about?
– How to get an ‘S-curve’ lady (Guys)
– How to Become S-curvish… Like…
#Bikini-curvish moments with #nature in #crete @milica_mitrovic_
#Bikini-curvish moments with #nature in #crete @milica_mitrovic_
– How to make more money 
This is why you’re strongly encouraged to reply to talk. Because that’s where the magic happens.
When you start any type of ‘help’ today. You’re mostly paying for unlimited 121 chats.
And if you buy physical products, like supplements or stuff from the items page. Then you’ll get help with that too. As we’ve had experience with everything that is listed there.
So remember…
– Reply to talk
– Because that’s where we start fix your fudging mind (Fudge is our word for fuck)

What else is happening within S-curve world?

Well… It’s all stuff, that has been highlighted in other previous newsletters. And we are indeed working hard on those areas right now.
But let us recap…
1. Access vs ownership 
It’s a 50/50 split, between the kind of stuff you own vs the stuff you access. Within the S-curve Xperience.
Lets analyse…
What you ‘own’
> Supplements
> Apparel
> Stuff from the items page
What you ‘access’
> The S-curve program
– Accommodation
> Becoming an S-curve member partner
Most of the stuff that you end up owning above. Will be used, or present. Wherever you are accessing all of the above.
With a focus on the word ‘wherever’. Because that’s what makes the S-curve Xperience so great.
– You can earn from anywhere
– Do the S-curve program from anywhere
– Be anywhere more often… Due to being an S-curve member partner
Let’s dig into that last part…
2. Becoming an S-curve member partner
It’s all about earning an income, from getting deeper involved within S-curve world.
There are 3 focus areas, in regards to this. Let’s dig into them…
A) Becoming 60-100% S-curvish and being posted for free, via all of our channels
B) Becoming an S-curve member partner
C) Buzzcoin
A) Explained
S-curve workout selfie @thalitanascimento_
S-curve workout selfie @thalitanascimento_
That’s one of the hottest areas right now, for the women who enter S-curve world. 
You Become S-curvish. On your own, or with our help. Already are. And if you qualify… We’ll explode your profile(s) up for free.
If you have something to offer the world. Great. That will get more visibility, because of our efforts. 
And if you don’t… Then you should…
B) Explained
Become an S-curve member partner.
The best way for this to work. Is to have been an S-curve member, for at least 1-3 months.
Because then, you’ll know what it’s like to be an S-curve member.
At which point, you’ll naturally talk about (Especially when you’re experiencing noticeable results).
YOUR people will definitely ask you about what you’re doing. And when you reply to them. You’re simply telling them the truth, without ever trying to ‘sell’ to your own people. Which is actually a sucky thing to do.
If they become S-curve members because of you. You’ll get commissions for that.
However… We have always been ‘open’ in our world. And one thing that we like to do. Is bring everyone together. Often times… Spending those commissions on/with those friends who become members. Usually on a Travel-curvish 2.0 trip
C) Explained
This isn’t for everyone. But elements of whatever develops in this area, WILL slip into the main areas of the S-curve Xperience, at some point in the not too distant future.

To conclude

Newsletter done. Reply in the comments or send a message via Messenger, to ask about shit.

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