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People of S-curve world…
We’re now entering the month of May 2020.
A month of May… That none of us have experienced before. As the entire world continues to live in quarantine mode.
Back in March… It was a huge shock to the system for everyone.
All of our daily lives were affected in some way.
Fortunately for us… We were already building this S-curve Xperience platform… In a way that will keep your life looking and feeling awesome, regardless of what goes on in the economy as a whole.
If your daily life was affected in a major way. And if you’re active within the S-curve Xperience.
Then you better had start watching what we was doing, more closely. If… You wasn’t already doing so.
Especially when the lock down first began.

The start of the lock down…

As it all kicked into gear… Everyone scrambled to the internet.
Mostly because it was the only thing left, that everyone had access to.
In our world… ‘Fitness’ is still the back bone of our existence.
Gyms of course, closed. Like many other businesses.
Which meant that everyone had no choice but to stay active at home.
Yes… Nutrition feeds results. But S-curve workouts are still important. Because they trigger results.

6 weeks later (April 30th 2020)

The shock factor has died down now. As the entire world has started to work out how it’s going to operate, in this > ‘New normal’ world.
In regards to S-curve workouts… 
Most of what people are doing at home… Is maintaining the results that people already had.
Peoples motivation levels are dying off a little. Comparted to week 1 of quarantine.
Which means… Results might start to fade away.
And the main reason why that happens. Is because…
1. The environment you’re in (Constantly stuck at home is an awful situation to be in… When ‘motivation’ is the goal).
2. No coach present.
121 or even group coaching… Is the no.1 way to keep and push your S-curvish results over the edge.
– Physical
– Mental
– Spiritual
And it works… For many reason.
But I’ll just name a few for now…
– Gives you more free time… By taking a work load off your plate. You just turn up and do what you’re given to do.
– Something to be accountable to.
– Something to push you… When you can’t push your self (Those days where you feel like doing nothing… But have to – And that WILL happen)!
Having access to a gym… And an outdoor environment, helps a lot.
Because you know… Humans are social beings. We’re not supposed to be stuck indoors alone.
But right now… We have no choice.
So today… 
I’m going to walk you through what 121 coaching looks like. In order to maintain and push your results over the edge… Whilst you’re stuck at home.
Let’s get into it….
We’re going to focus on 3 main areas where we’ll do this…
– The S-curve workout
– Supplementation
– S-curve nutrition
We have created a formula that you work through… Usually for 3-4 months. And when you do… The results come.
One year (2016)… We went crazy and recorded it all… LIVE… For 3 months straight.
> This page
The videos are gone. But its all documented.
But it all only really works… When you are coached through it.

– $300 a month… Gets you 4 sessions a week

– $150 a month… Gets you 2 sessions a week

If you’re feeling like going all out and want more. Just send a DM. And we’ll set up something privately.

Coaching you to higher success at home… Via the S-curve workout

Yes… Those videos mostly exist… To…
1. Keep you engaged.
2. Keep you entertained.
3. Give a fine display of what the S-curve Xperience lifestyle looks like… When being lived.
However… A video like the one above. Shows > one element that we embrace… With the S-curve exercise and strength progression module.
And that is… The magic of nailing exercise variations.
You see… You might even follow your own routines.
But… If you’re in our world… Seeking help on how to get ahead, further than you already are.
It usually means that you’ve hit a brick wall.
And that usually means… That you don’t know what exercises to progress to. Or how to progress to them.
Fortunately… The module that I spoke of just now… Has that laid out. For all the main exercise variations.
– Squat
– Dead lift
– Hip extension
– Pull up
– Abs
All of them.
Let’s walk through the abs variation. And how you would progress through it, over a 3-4 month time period. When building an S-curvish physique….
90-100% 'soft lean' S-curvish @lizholtz
90-100% ‘soft lean’ S-curvish @lizholtz
– Generic bicycles
– Generic bicycles with a 2 second hold at each 5th rep
– Generic bicycles with ankle weights
– Bicycle leg lifts
– Bicycle leg lifts with a 2 second hold at each 5th rep
– Bicycle leg lifts with ankle weights
– Standing bicycles (Raise knee to elbow as your hands are locked behind your head).
– The same with ankle weights on 
Note: This is tough… And progression at this stage, usually takes a little longer.
– Hanging bicycles
– Hanging bicycles with ankle weights
All of the above… Focuses on targeting your lower abs (Hardest to achieve). And… On building a smooth set of abs (Not bulky) that compliments the S-curve shape.
It works well for women and men.
But we might tweak the formula a little, for women. To avoid boob shrinkage.
Which of course… Means 121 coaching is needed.
You can’t get precise without it.
Best of all though… Is all of the above… Can be achieved at home.
And if you don’t have the equipment… There’s no better time than the present, to start buying…
> Hit this page <
It doesn’t matter what your physical goals are. The S-curve formula has a proven process in place for achieving it.
The reason why 121 coaching chats are important here….
– Because we need to change things… Based on how your body reacts to exercises (It’s rarely smooth sailing).
– We need to ensure that we work from the new changes. Which are new things that are manually documented.

Coaching you to higher success at home… Via the S-curve nutrition

Feeding the monster S-curvishly @mariolarc
Feeding the monster S-curvishly @mariolarc
It’s all about embracing food variety.
And fortunately… We have recently partnered with business (Via the > S-curve Partner Program), that is perfect for delivering that ‘variety’, to your door step.
Which is not only perfect, during regular times. When you’re too busy to shop or cook yourself.
But also right now. In Spring 2020. Where the entire world is on lock down and stuck indoors.
Progressing your S-curvish results via food. Is all about getting a varied amount of ingredients/nutrients into your body.
– Protein from different plans/animals
– Carbs from more organic foods
That’s why in this post….
Introducing: Top Chef Home Delivery (New S-curve Partner Program member) 
We still encourage eating out at restaurants (Although we don’t know when that will start happening… As of April 2020 – Currently in quarantine).
Because eating foods from around the world… Regularly. Will guarantee the ‘variety’.
Being at home…
The 121 coaching chats will tell you when to start switching up your meals/Ingredients.
Which will be easy to do when using our partner, Top Chef meals (above).
Because all you have to do… 
– Is go to website
– Scan the meals
Top Chef Home Delivery
Top Chef Home Delivery
– Order
– And the meals will arrive ‘flash frozen’… From being freshly cooked the day before.
You just have to re-heat and eat.
How we start introducing meal changes… Is based on the progression changes that we see happening, via the workout activity above.
Remember… You are still at home, as all of this is happening.
In fact… You’ll most likely be at home, during all 121 chat sessions. Even during regular times.
121 nutrition coaching is where a lot of the magic happens.
Because 90% of people screw up with nutrition.
Usually by not following advice, which is best suited to THEM.
Again… Which is why 121 coaching rules.
We get to test everything, day in, day out.

Coaching you to higher success at home… Via the S-curve supplements

There’s two main times throughout all of this… When supplements come into play.
– Right at the beginning… To boost your initial results (To shake up what you was previously doing).
– Around months 2-3 of our plan… When you’re entering the advance stages. Aka… Reaching towards 90-100% S-curvish
90-100% 'soft lean' S-curvish @tienda_vanessatorres
90-100% ‘soft lean’ S-curvish @tienda_vanessatorres
For almost everyone…
We get a tub of both Whey protein and Casein… As mandatory spots in your kitchen.
Simply because it’s very easy to add them as nutrition boosters to natural food sources.
And of course… As pre/post workout nutrition.
What we embrace beyond that… Depends on how your results develop.
It’ll usually be something from the list you can see on this page…
Popular for women = Lean Bean
Popular for men = The Hunter Supplements range
Which is what is often embraced, as we head towards 90-100% S-curvish.

To conclude

People often forget how important coaching is… When they’ve been away from one for a while.
Having one… In different parts of your life, will remind you…
That you don’t know what you don’t know.
It’s usually the stubborn adult inside you, that prevents you from getting a coach in your corner.
Effective business focused people know the importance of this (One reason why the S-curve Partner Program exists… To learn from each other).
But for those who aren’t… It’s easy to forget.
All of the above… Is a reminder.

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