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For all of the female readers here, I do apologize for the headline. I’m not sexist… promise! 🙂 . If you don’t already know, I will explain why taking up yoga for fitness will not only lead to building a lean, flexible and supple body, but the wonderful things it can do for your sex life.

For guys

You get to really test your strength and endurance.

For gals

You’ll be giving your guy PLENTY of reasons not to ever stray ever again.

For both

Increased excitement and fun.

A lot of what you read here has been learnt from various ladies that I have met since beginning to workout. They just happened to have a lot of experience and knowledge in yoga, knowledge that eventually got passed down to myself.

Does yoga really improve ones sex life?

Well… I wouldn’t have bothered to take the time out to write this if it didn’t. That would be a waste of your reading time… something that I would never do to you. So read on!

Guys… tell this to your ladies. Ladies… do as stated!

Yoga increases blood flow

Many of the positions that you perform during yoga sessions allow for the blood to flow a lot more. This is especially the case with positions like ‘the eagle pose’.

This position will send blood rushing to your pelvic area. When this happens it will make you hot, and when you put that heat together with stimulation, your desire will shoot through the roof.

Yoga strengthens the pelvic area

We always hear personal trainers and fitness geeks talk about the importance of building ‘the core’ (myself included). The pelvic floor is a part of that core, and when you work these muscles it will improve your’ range of motion’ (how far you can extend a particular joint- supreme flexibility). This in turn will give you,

  • Stronger contractions
  • Stronger releases
  • More intense orgasm

Yoga eases tension and pain

In my early days of training, I would lay in bed at times with my ‘then’ partner, and they would say to me ‘Gosh, I like muscles and everything, but you are so tense!’ This is the same with women who workout, especially those who do moderate/ high intensity training. The bad thing about being tense is that it will also affect the pelvic floor area, and when this happens, good enjoyable sex turns into ‘work’. If it does get to that stage you might as well stop, and if you don’t, you might just break something (click…crack… snap!). Doing Yoga will ease pain by releasing that tension and relaxing your hips. This will make for a MUCH better sexual experience for both.

Get that mojo back… and some chakra action

chakras in yogachakras in yoga

What are chakras?

This is all yoga language. Basically, your sex life is governed by these chakras. It is the body’s energy that centres around your spine. When your chakras are in healthy working order, you’ll find that your sex life will be pretty healthy too, and yoga moves like the triangle and seated open-angle pose will stimulate your chakras.

Looking at the image above, your three “sexiest” chakras are

  • The root chakra (located at your perineum–the area between your pubic bone and anus),
  • The sacral chakra (in the centre of your lower abdomen)
  • The heart chakra (in the centre of your chest)

Yoga enriches these critical areas with blood and “prana,” which is the life force (Yoga talk again). That will promote openness and decrease sexual inhibition, which will prepare you for sexual action and leave you feeling much happier overall.

Yoga is a confidence booster

The outside world is a noisy place, as we all know, with all sorts of information flowing in and out of our brains daily. Taking a yoga class will help you relax your mind in peace, allowing you to be more aware of your ‘actual’ self and understand your own needs.

Once you begin to adopt this mind frame, you can then easily translate this understanding and self-awareness to your partner. And when you do… they will know and love you for it.

Fantastic! You read on and got to the end of the post. My only advice to you now is to consult with your partner and try it out, and when you do, don’t forget to thank me for stepping your sex life up a gear.

Yoga combined with male enhancement pills can make your sex life amazing.

Do you and your partner do Yoga as part of your fitness regime?

See you in the comments

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