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People of S-curve world…
In recent days… One of our supplement partners informed us about a new update.
And I know you are always embracing ‘Buy and try’… Like we advise for you to be doing too.
It’s been a long time since we’ve even spoken about an ‘update’ (February 2019).
So today… Let’s dig in to see what’s up. And what this upgrade could mean to all of us.
The upgrade in question…
Is Prime Male Enhance.
Prime Male Enhance
Prime Male Enhance
Which has been created to work in sync with the already existing, Prime Male Testosterone Booster.
All of the following, is indeed targeted towards men.
Both women and men exist within S-curve world (You’ll learn why so, later in this post).
But if you’re a woman reading this…
– You’ll learn about some things that could be affecting your partner. Especially during this 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.
– You’ll still learn key insights… For when it’s time to ‘Buy and try’ the women focused supplements that you see in S-curve world.
Let’s start by focusing on the ingredients section that was highlighted in this post…
The S-curve formula adds Military Muscle (Vegan-friendly) supplement into the mix 
Because as you’ll see in that post… We reminded you about the core reason why you’re even buying supplements in the first place.
Which is to test the effectiveness of certain supplement formulas and ingredient combos.
All of which… Affect different people in different ways.
Which is why there has always been confusion, surrounding the consumption of supplements.
And… Which is why we embrace ‘Buy and try’… Within our own S-curve formula…. When it comes to consuming food or supplements.
With that being said… Let’s dig into the new addition to the Prime Male family.
Because ultimately… It’s been added… Because of a newly discovered/created supplement formula.
Which would have initially been tested to be effective.
Therefore… Turned into a product to benefit those in need.

Prime Male Enhance

Prime Male Enhance
Prime Male Enhance
So… As you’ll now know…. It’s for the guys… The fellas.
It’s core existence… Is a massive focus on making your sex life better… For the long term.
We all know that testosterone boosters have been the go-to product, to help in that department.
And in the post above… We highlighted 3 different testosterone booster ingredient combos.
Again… ‘Buy and try’ shenanigans in play.
And one reason why we added that supplement to the list. Is because we’re getting ‘specific’.
In short… We’ve started to focus on adding supplements and products (To > SPP) that are focused on achieving a core goal.
And in this case… The Prime Male team have taken time to research ingredients that will help boost your sex drive.
I said that ingredients are the focus on why you buy supplements.
And when you go to the website. It’s the main thing you see.
Prime Male Enhance
A focus on ingredients.
Because as a supplement brand… They know this too.
You won’t see too many personal reviews from ME taking supplements.
What you will see over time… Is reviews and reports, from people that are present within the S-curve Xperience…
S-curve Member Arlene in her 1st week
S-curve Member Arlene in her 1st week
fitbuzz · S-curve member Shawn Smith – The foundation month success explained
In S-curve world… We marry quality/effectiveness. Or anything that brings us to the best possible outcome.
We don’t get fanatic over ‘brands’.
Which is why we introduced ‘Buy and try’.

Let’s dig more into the topic of sex

I’m a man.
A man that has a lot of conversations with other men, as the founder of Stay-Fit Bug.
So I get to see what men are like, at all parts of the ‘man spectrum’.
– Simps
– Alphas
– Those who have fallen off (Like me… Before this website was created)
In fact… Let’s dig into that personal period of mine.
Because if YOU ever experience a down time like I did. And are currently…
– 25 years old +
– Deep into adulthood
– Have a girlfriend/wife, kids
Then I think YOU… Should buy and try this new Prime Male Enhance.
In fact… You might be experiencing a ‘fallen off period’ right now. Because as of today. This post, being created in May 2020. We are in a global crisis, where jobs have been lost and income levels shattered.
And for some… A stay at home quarantine for extended periods, could be screwing ones mental game.
That’s where I was, during the previous crisis (2008).
I was in the tech start-up world. Things were going OK. As well as OK can be, in a start-up.
But the financial crash just put more pressure on us.
Like… We had a team in place.
All team members had jobs. But were resourceful. So they was able to dedicate time to our start up.
That instantly changed once the 2008 financial crash hit.
And like what we’re seeing in 2020. When a crisis hits… People drop everything in their life, that doesn’t guarantee personal survival.
For them… Our start up wasn’t one of those things. So some team members dropped out.
It wasn’t permanent though.
But for me… It meant that I had to get more ‘hands on’ with everything.
– More sleepless nights.
– Less gym.
I was only 2 years out of university at that time. So I could handle it.
But today… And for you… 
Chances are… You are…
– 25 +
– Deep into adulthood
– Have a girlfriend/wife, kids
And a situation like that will…
– Cause you to lose muscle mass… Due to inactivity and stress.
– Cause you to be mentally distant from your partner. And you’re more likely to have a partner, if you are/was established in your career.
– Cause you to be a less sexually satisfying partner.
You might even be experiencing those things, during regular times. Especially if you’re a high earner.
As high earning positions, usually lead to more responsibility.

Let’s talk more sex…

S-curvish and forever 'ready' @meheninna - Prime Male Enhance libido
S-curvish and forever ‘ready’ @meheninna
At the end of 2018… The men of the world re-entered… In high numbers.
It actually started in 2017. As I was out networking at events. Meeting men, who had wives and girlfriends.
 Who had never seen bodies like this…
With common requests to help get their wives/girlfriends looking the same way.
A question that often came up from these men…
How can I find a girl like that… For me?!?!?
Of course… That could only be answered in a 121 chat session.
All of that… Can get off to a great start… If your hormones are levelled up in the right way.
And that right there… Is a strong reason to ‘Buy and try’ a stack, of a supplement like Prime Male Enhance.
Prime male Enhance libido
Prime Male Enhance
You know… Whenever we get new people in as S-curve members. It’s all about revealing to them… The things that they’re not doing. Which is causing a lack of improved results (Physical/Mental/Spiritual).
These men have things going on in their lives, that are causing them to fail in the department of dating and having sex.
That can be figured out, with the right help.
But a supplement like this… Will indeed fix some of those areas.
And the area that comes to mind… Are the moments AFTER you have been taught on how to ‘get the girl’.
If you’re one of those men… As described above. Chances are, your mental game will be weak.
Especially if you do manage to date a woman that looks like this…
Aka… Our partners, members, associates and peers.
And so… When it comes to being in the bedroom. The area that you want to guarantee to have no problems. Is when getting and keeping an erection.
– If it’s not ‘love’
– If you haven’t connected on a deeper level (Yet)
Screwing up in the bedroom early on… Will knock points off your score card (In her mind).
Again… I know this. Because I’m a man.
And as a man… We all know this happened at least once, during our teenage years.
What ever your age is right now… ‘Buy and try’. Keep testing it.
Because what you’ll ultimately want. Is a supplement that works like whey protein.
You just keep on taking it over time. Prevention rather than detection kicks in. And your life starts working better.

Let’s talk ingredients…

Prime Male Enhance - Ingredients
Prime Male Enhance – Ingredients
Prime Male Enhance - Ingredients
Prime Male Enhance – Ingredients
Prime Male Enhance - Ingredients
Prime Male Enhance – Ingredients
Like I said in this post…
The S-curve formula adds Military Muscle (Vegan-friendly) supplement into the mix 
Take note of food/ingredient labels.
And then… Compare them with similar products/supplement formulas.
Because you’ll start to see patterns.
Especially once you have a few ‘Buy and try’ supplements in your kitchen cupboard.
Because once you do… You can start pin-pointing the ingredients that are likely causing the positive effects in your results.

To conclude

If any part of your life, sounds like the above. > Buy and try.
2020 is a different year for us… As we’re really only digging into specific/goal focused supplements, products, services.
Which you can see on our > S-curve Partner Program (Business) page.
This is the first ‘sex improvement’ related supplement that we have ever talked about. Or at least one that focuses on it entirely.
And is the kind of supplement that is the right fit… If you was one of the men that entered our world at the end of 2018.
Just scan my > Lee M Tee Facebook profile. That’s where almost all of them exist. 😀

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3. If you buy the stuff you see… Use that stuff to make your life more awesome within the S-curve Xperience.
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Remember… > This post (amongst others) encourages you to jump into the S-curve Partner Program.
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