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People of S-curve world…
It’s time to dig in to what we’ve been learning, since putting quarantine focused S-curve program shenanigans into practice.
Let’s get into it….

Getting effective with your simple mobile gym

Not the advanced gym. As detailed in this post…
Building an advanced ‘simple’ private gym with current day equipment 
Because most of you will own/do own a simple mobile gym.
Building the perfect ‘simple’ home gym 
I’ve been located in a highly populated city (Approx 10 million people).
And even though there are a lot less people outside.
Venice mall BGC
Venice mall BGC
The people who I can see and used to see…
From what I can see. They have suffered (Physically… Lost their S-curvish gains). In regards to having no access to a public gym.
The main reason?
Their motivation levels have been killed off!
– You have a kitchen for cooking. 
– A bedroom for sleeping. 
– A swimming pool for swimming.
Each of those areas are built to do those things effectively.
A room in a home that’s designed for living in. Isn’t an ideal place to do an S-curve workout.

Since May 1st 2020

I’ve been on a huge guinea pig test run. Testing all elements of the Survive and Thrive program.
Which you can learn about here…
Introducing: The 3 Month ‘Survive AND Thrive S-curve Plan! 
And start a 7 day free trial here…
Hit the following button for a 1 week free trial…
And my personal results have come back stronger than ever before.
Today… I’m going to highlight the reason why that has been the case.
All of which… Has been achieved…
– In a room in a home, that is designed for living in.
– No free weights set like this present…
Rubber Coated Tri-Grip Olympic Weight PlatesRubber Coated Tri-Grip Olympic Weight Plates
(Although you should order one, if you don’t already have one).
Le’s get into it…

Focus on the big lifts

That’s easily achieved, with an advanced gym. But not so much with a simple gym.
Even after purchasing a mobile weightlifting bench like this for yourself…
FLYBIRD Adjustable Full Body Workout- Multi-Purpose Foldable BenchFLYBIRD Adjustable Full Body Workout- Multi-Purpose Foldable Bench
The best way to get an effective big lift in, using a simple/mobile gym.
Is by switching to single limb exercises.
You might have a hard time, safety squatting a 100kg barbell… Consistently (I would highlight the deadlift… But it’s still an exercise that causes injuries for a lot of people).
But it’s easy to switch to a standing lunge exercise variation, using 50kg via a set of dumbbells (I’m using a big blue water bottle).
Blue water tank
And… It’s easy to start raising that weight towards 100kg on a single leg, using that exercise variation.
– Add super reps
– Exercise form can be managed more effectively (Due to a focus on a single limb)
And you are onto triggering change in your muscles, fast!
This really is truly effective. Seriously!
Don’t worry about what other exercises that YOU have to switch to.
You’ll get taught that in the Survive and Thrive program. As usual… It’s different for everyone.

Less distractions from outside… More time to focus on the workout AND nutrition

This one is huge. And is an opportunity that most of us would not get to experience, if it wasn’t for the global lockdown.
The lockdown, in general, has made everyone stop!
Clearing the smoke. Allowing us to see what’s truly important to us. And eliminating everything that isn’t, or is not helping us.
This definitely has spilled into the process of Becoming S-curvish.
Because there’s less to do in the world. It has become easier to schedule meals and follow through on them consistently.
The post workout meal. The full meal 2 hours after that. And for some like me, a meal after that too.
That is 100% what needs to happen, consistently, to make your results fly through the roof.
And when you do… You’ll feel the results, almost immediately, every time you wake up.
Less of this activity… Is what has been causing folks to fail, in regards to achieving improved physical results.
And with the recent spike of supplement buying. Like what we’re seeing through this website….
Roar Ambition
Roar Ambition
Expect results to boom even more. In big way.
It’s become easier to focus on the right meals.
> Cooking yourself
> Ordering meals from restaurants
It doesn’t matter which option you choose.
Most people today… Now have more time on their hands to focus on this (Working from home/Loss of jobs). Unlike in 2019, where everyone who we wanted to help, was too busy to even get started.
So it’s become easier to see/feel what’s feeding your results the best.
Of course… It’s going to be the most A-rated food types out there, that’s causing it. Ideally ‘tasty’. Like what you get with Top Chef Meals
Top Chef home delivery
Top Chef Meals
(We’re looking for more partners like this, globally. So shout at us if you know any).
Either way… This has been huge, in regards to boosting results.
Another thing that’s huge. Is anticipating days like this…
– Cheat snacking all day
– Eat what the fudge (Our F word) you want Friyay
You absolutely need these days in your life.
It’s mandatory within the S-curve formula. To ensure an enjoyable S-curve Xperience.
And you can 100% embrace these days, without a fear of losing results, once you achieve at least 60% ‘soft lean’ S-curvish. Which will take 1-3 months max, as long as you aren’t overly fat/skinny.
Following through on each rep… Consistently.
THAT…. Is hard to achieve on your own.
And for most people. They’ll need a coach to help them with that. Which is why 121 coaching was always the > hottest element of the S-curve formula.
People really do need that extra push.
This extra focus time, keeps you from tapping out of reaching the max reps in a set.
Simply because you have less things to run towards, outside of working out.
The world is re-opening, yes (And thank goodness). But outdoors isn’t quite the same. At least not yet.
So ‘focus’ is at an all time high.
Also… There’s now high motivation levels to want to stay healthy. Due to Coronavirus. So that helps you push through.
Both of those elements above have previously been serious issues to overcome, in order to achieve results.
But this ‘lockdown’ focus has indeed been a catalyst in helping us achieve.

Better sleep cycles

More periods of complete 4-6-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep.
This is happening, due to the fact that there’s less reasons to get ready to go outside.
But we are definitely feeling the positive effects of it, via S-curvish results.
Again… This is another part of the ‘Becoming S-curvish’ process that caused many people to see a lack of improved results.
But with the way the world is currently going, it’ll be an issue no more.
And you will start to sleep better.
Of course… We teamed up with Bear mattress this year.
Bear mattress
Bear mattress @camilapazchavez
As many of the products in their range will lead to an improved sleeping experience.

To conclude

I haven’t personally done any testing like this, for close to a decade.
All of the above, is what I did, back in the early S-curve program days (2009-2012).
At which point… I started to leave the ‘testing’ to all those who entered the ‘then’ S-curve program.
It’s 2020 now.
The world is different.
Yet… Nothing beats validating things from first hand experience.
We’re deep in the trenches with everything right now.
So whatever your problem is. Jump in and get involved. As you’re guaranteed to see a positive outcome. 

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