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Yup… That’s how we’ve kick started fall season. That is…
Encouraging EVERYONE who ends up entering S-curve world… To chat with us directly.
– If you want to ask questions as an outsider… Simply hit the blue Messenger button that pops up on our website(s).
– If you want to ask questions about these newsletters/articles/blog posts. Simple reply to the message that you received them in. You can start receiving them by > signing up here, or by subscribing to notifications for this website. Which looks like… ^^.
– If you’re a business that wants to feature content on Email us at [email protected]
And so… Let’s get into some of those conversations…

Becoming S-curvish/Shred-curvish (Women AND men)

Women and men?
– You all know that we started our journey helping men in 2009.
– Then women from 2012 onwards (When we started the creation of the > S-curve formula).
– And more heavily with both, since 2018.
At which point… We created > this post.
Dig into that post. As it answered a lot of the questions that we received at that time, in 2018 (1 year ago).
Now… A question that came in during this Q & A focus week…
How do I lose belly fat (And be attractive)
Well… The ‘attractive’ part is subjective. However… Becoming S-curvish usually does improve that area of your appearance ‘significantly’.
There are > A LOT of posts that you can dig into to get that answered for you. And if that is too time consuming. You can instead, strike up a 121 conversation with us and start a > 121 chat coaching session in the same chat window.
On this day… I’ll just tell you how. Right here.
#1 Start doing the hardcore S-curve workouts. Regardless of what your current day body looks like.
Because you’re going to have to increase your food intake, wether you’re under weight or over weight.
Changing the shape of your muscles, requires the tearing up of muscle fibers. And more nutrients and more food to enter your guts. As muscles only change when you feed them.
Those S-curve workouts are going to make you hungry.
Sorry not sorry
Sorry not sorry
Which will force you to eat more. Which you might not do otherwise
#2 We are focused on losing belly fat here. So you will have to reduce your ‘crappy fat’ in take, in the near term. As we need to focus on removing the crappy (saturated) fat that you’ve already built up.
It’s just a case of looking at all the foods you eat (Food labels). And to choose foods that have less saturated fat. You’ll then end up eating around 40 grams of fat total, everyday.
You can just leave that job to us of course. And just eat what we tell you to eat.
#3 Our goal is to achieve noticeable results with 7-28 days.
Victorias 7-14 day shred to smexy
Victorias 7-14 day shred to smexy
If you enter our world ‘skinny’/slim. Or have a naturally high metabolism.
Then you’re most likely going to achieve a 7-14 day result, like Victorias above.
Outside of that. It’s usually a 28 day effort.

Beyond 28 days?

The goal is to get you to at leat 60% S-curvish by month #3.
60% S-curvish @selenaolivera
60% S-curvish @selenaolivera
Because then… The S-curve formula has proven itself. And your immediate worries are over.
At which point… You can either…
1. Keep going @ results
2. Start living it up via the other parts of the S-curve Xperience. Maintain and/or head for 90-100% S-curvish results over time.

To conclude

The above… Is what an initial 121 chat would cover.
That’s not what’s important though. What is important… Is US, building a solid relationship. And for you to trust us more, due to that relationship.
It doesn’t matter what your question is…
> About supplements?
> About Merch?
> About Amazon page/ > List stuff?
It’s all about making you feel ‘mind right’.
I know there’s more of you who have questions to ask. So do as the above the states. We are forever ready!

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