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Buzzers… Saturday…
So… You’ve all seen the back story that sits on top of More buzz… Right?

Well… We have no choice but to show that, to brand new people we encounter on the daily. And if you look

at how we’ve progressed. It’s always been a case of ‘start small and evolve’.

Which usually means all of us, creating that evolution together, into something that makes sense for your life.

In regards to the main program here… We’ve gone from a $50 ebook program (2010). To a higher end, overall experience (2017).

And it’s great to see that people are embracing…

– Cheat snacking/TGIF cheat nights
– Travel-curvish 2.0 trips

It’s like folks get a sigh of relief, that things aren’t extremely focused around the gym life.

Starting small and growing

The main program and the newsletter has been the #1 focus on here. To make both as great as possible.

And it’s at the best place right now. We’re just moving along at a steady pace of evolution in these two areas.

But now that there’s a focus on the S-curve experience as a whole. We’re doing the ‘start small and grow’…

With some newer areas.

– Travel-curvish pages (Very beta at present)

– The lifestyle feed (Aka the FB timeline on my own profile)

– More buzz and result pages… (Page design updates)

– The very new S-curve member podcast

So… That’s where we are. Now… To highlight some of the topics from yesterday’s convos, from that 121 meet up with a Fitbuzzer.

#1 Food types

We don’t know every single food type in existence. All we do… Is give you the formula, on what ingredients

you need to include @ all meals.

You are set for life, once you get used to that food label reading process. Give > this video a watch for an


#2 Do what the fudge you want

We started this ‘feature’ in the program, around 2 years ago. That is…

You can do whatever you want for a 4-6 week period.

– Intermittent fasting
– Juicing shenanigans
– Whatever..

Just… No slow-go cardio. At least not for 4-6 weeks long.

So if you are going to officially start. Then you don’t have to worry about stopping any activities that you’re

currently doing.

#3 LIVE update member pages

I talked about > Pam and Alicia’s butt shrinkage this year. And if that happens to you. You’re going to throw a hissy fit.

And then you’ll quit, if you don’t find a solution to fix it. This is the reason why we evolved into a live update

member page. From pervious static one.

So that a fix can be presented to you, whenever it’s needed.

Which mimics what real life 121 coaching looks like. And which is something a static regime can’t fix.

#4 TGIF cheat nights are a ‘thing’

Which you would have seen me post last night. So feel free to send in your TGIF cheat night pics, every

Friday that you do it.

#5 You will look your best if…

You’re consistently active on either of the 2 phases (Lifestyle/Results) for 12 months straight. Past members

and new people that I’m speaking with confirm this fact.

I personally did a test for 10 months, up until March this year. Where all I did, was eat S-curvishly + do zero

workouts. And I did indeed ‘maintain’.

But eventually, I had to go back to working out. As you will eventually lose your ‘look’.

The change that we made to the ‘active’ process. Is by adding two phases. So that you can still live a normal

life. And not be so obsessed and intense all the time. Aka a sustainable process.

Which is why it’s now OK to be 60-70% S-curvish and happy. The rest can be achieved over the next 5 years.

#6 Final things

– You don’t ever have to get physically ready to officially start. But you do have to get mentally ready.
– Officially starting doesn’t have to be about a physical fix. It can just be about a mental and lifestyle fix.

As usual… Add below (First). Reply (Second). And > More buzz for daily updates.


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