For business, improved daily lifestyle and ‘fashion’ people (In S-curve world)

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Once again… We are experiencing new activity, in almost all parts of the S-curve Xperience.
And the following, is for those mention in the title of this newsletter/post.
– For business
– Improved daily lifestyle
– ‘Fashion’ people (In S-curve world)
Let’s get into it… 

Binance introduces: Binance lending

Binance buzzcoin
So… You’ve probably seen that signing up on that website is a thing to do, if your goal is to earn an income remotely (And to later on, get in involved in Blockchain shenanigans – Which will most likely happen naturally if you’re living the S-curve Xperience).
In the near term though… The focus is on earning an income. And the way that we do that in this department. Is by trading cryptocurrencies. And taking advantage of the current day volatility (It will end in the near future).
However… That is an option for go-getters only. And for those who already have time on their hands or a flexible schedule.
As of this week. Binance has launched a lending program. That enables you to earn interest (10-15%) on the funds that you hold in your account. With a payout being received 14 days later.
Which means, YOU can earn without trading currencies. Which is…
– Faster than earning from general investing (Prices of certain currencies will go up, because it’s early days in this industry).
– Less riskier than trading.
– Less time consuming (A LOT less… Almost zero time required. And we all know that having more time for yourself is a major goal in our world).
Here’s some screenshots…
Binance lending
Binance lending
Binance lending
Binance lending
Binance lending
Binance lending
Developments are happening at break neck speeds in this industry. And like I said before. Whatever it evolves into, will likely affect us in S-curve world. In the areas of fashion, fitness, shopping and travel.
So whenever you see these newsletters. Be sure to take action on them. Because the topics that end up here. Come from real life events. Just like in the > previous newsletter. And the > majority of those before that.
Anyhow… The 1st major step, is to > sign up on the website. So that you start to become familiar with everything that you see there.
And of course… You’ll be getting free > 121 chat app guidance from me, personally.

‘Back at it’ with apparel

We all know that fashion is a ‘thing’ @ all 4 parts of the Xperience. As you can see…
'Come up for air' #Allblackeverything OOTD-curvish moments @bordabechere
‘Come up for air’ #Allblackeverything OOTD-curvish moments @bordabechere
And in regards to the above… Our associates dominate in that area.
Presented in the most S-curve Xperience way. Which is why they are associates..
But our game, over the past 7 years. Has been in T-shirt and merch designs.
With a lot of that… Being inspired by a lot the S-curve world phrases that have been created within S-curve world, over time. Like…
Fuck off... It's my lane too
Fuck off… It’s my lane too
We already use > Cafepress as a platform for this. And more recently… On > Tee spring.
This may change in the future. But for now… You’ll start to see more new designs from us.
Update over. Make sure you hit that blue button on the bottom right of this page. Strike up a conversation and talk with us. Because what we talk about, will end up in these newsletters/posts!
Copy the code below to your web site.


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