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We started creating the S-curve formula in 2011. And have consistently evolved it over time, to continuously meet your needs.
And of course, to evolve with the times. Usually, one year ahead of an upcoming trend.
On that note. Let’s start with one element of the S-curve formula, that gave us weird looks from onlookers, before this became the norm.

The anywhere S-curve workouts, followed on a mobile device.

As you can see on that Youtube channel. We started doing these videos in 2011.
The reason why you don’t see more of these exact videos today. Is because most of time was spent creating videos (Amongst other things) for paying S-curve members.
Videos that were more valuable and had more impact, in regards to results achieved.
Anyway… We always got ‘WTF’ looks from people, when recording these videos in public places.
Fast forward to today. And almost all of your workout activity, happens from following one of these videos…
The rest of the S-curve formula elements… In no specific order.
Results achieved…
– Over 6-18 months   
– Or 1-5 years  (Read > this post)

Cheat snacking

S-curve partner program member @brennannrose cheat snacking (Kinda)
S-curve partner program member @brennannrose cheat snacking (Kinda)
A cheat snack is a small portion (Dark chocolate/Ice cream) of a D-F rated food. That you’ll eat right after an > A-C rated main meal.
Or… Any fruit. Which is the ideal option. As fruit tastes good. And is an A-rated food source. Aka 100% natural.
There is no cheat snacking at night though. Only during breakfast, lunch and dinner meals.
As doing so, would aid an unwanted build up of fat.
Cheat snacking exists, to…
1) Satisfy your taste buds. Because A-C foods are boring.
2) To do so, without increasing calorie intake and/or gaining fat. Which can indeed happen, if you make ‘cheat meals’ a regular thing.

Strength and exercise progression module

We recorded this > entire process with an S-curve member, back in 2016.
The videos are unfortunately no longer with us. But that’s OK. As we recorded every event, for 4 months straight!
Here are some words from this past > Tuesday’s newsletter
You MUST do the right things. Even after choosing the right type of workout (We usually choose it for you).
The right things are…
– Consistent intensity (Most fail with this, unless someone pushes them).
– Hitting a rep range consistently… Without fail! (Again…^^^).
– Tracking your strength progression (Again…^^^).
– Switching to the right routine, based on your on-going results.
All of that and more… Is what we embrace in this module.
You’re basically turning Super Saiyan in your S-curve workouts.
Super saiyan
Those videos were recorded with in-person S-curve members. But you’ll Xperience the same thing when following the videos online.
Because these videos are recorded for YOU. With all of the strength and exercise progression attributes contained throughout the video.
You just need to follow and ‘do’!

Nutrition focused ONLY weekends

I say it all the time. 121 nutrition coaching chats is where we spend all of our time.
Times of the day… Where you’ll usually screw up, without someone watching over you.
But even then… You still might screw up.
For example…
It’s OK to miss out on required calories, from time to time. But it’s not OK, to skip meals.
Together… We make sure you eat ‘something’ at meal time, from YOUR S-curve meal structure. Which is easier said than done. And is an element of the S-curve formula that definitely helps a lot, when pushing for results.
Because of this… We will sometimes set aside an entire weekend. To focus on hitting all meals, calories and sleep hours.
NO S-curve workout activity!
In fact… This can happen over a 60 day period too. You WILL notice a difference in your physique (I actually done this myself in 2019).
It’s Holiday season right now. So it’s the perfect time to embrace this, as an active S-S-curve member.
Read > this post to find out why!

A selfie/belfie every 4-6 weeks

S-curve member Vic shredding to smexy
S-curve member Vic shredding to smexy
This element has saved A LOT of S-curve members from failing!
Just one little picture.
The reason ‘why’ is simple.
It’s because it’s hard to notice the changes that happen on your body. Because you see yourself in ‘multiple’ mirrors, every single day.
– If someone tells you that you’ve gained weight… They’re probably right.
– If someone tells you that you’ve lost weight… They’re probably right too.
Because they don’t see you, as often as you see yourself.
For that reason. You need to take a regular selfie/belfie. So that you can spot the differences over time.
It kills the whole ‘This is not working for me’ thing.

‘Coming up for air’

@c.linetravels in Dubai
@c.linetravels in Dubai
There’s an entire post explaining this ‘now’ protocol element of the S-curve formula.
You can read that > here.

Travel-curvish 2.0

There’s an > entire post about that protocol element of the S-curve formula too.

 7-10 days off from S-curve workouts, every 2-3 months

Remember what we did, over on the nutrition focused ONLY weekends above?
Well… That is what is going on here.
S-curve workouts put your body in a constant state of catabolism. Which means your muscles are always building and repairing.
Because of this… You’ll usually only look like 70-80% of your best self, in regards to your physique.
Taking these breaks, allows your body to rest. And to get you/keep you looking your 90% best self.

121 coaching chats

This is the element that is responsible for all the results.
And I’ll tell you why…
– People aren’t good at sticking to rules. Unless there’s someone on their case.
– Managing emotions.
– Consistent teachings of S-curve nutrition shenanigans (The stuff that works).
– Managing distractions (A big one).
It’s the only element of the entire S-curve formula, which dictates if you pay more or less, for any plan you’re on.
– More time in coaching chats = Faster/Better results
– Less time in coaching chats = Slower results
We decide which way to play, at the start of any 4-6 week plan.
We currently use FB Messenger to make it all happen. And will usually happen in the same chat message, that you use on this page.
It’s also pretty easy to embrace voice/video calls as well.

The S-curve workouts

We created an entire post about them. Which you can read > here.

To conclude

All of the above is good and great. And there are of course deeper levels to get into.
But you need to become an active S-curve member to Xperience it all.
1) > ‘Skin in the game’ $10 start. Which gives us 7-10 day’s to put a plan of action together.
2) Tailored Paypal payment link… Which looks like this…
Everyones price, is reflective of what we plan.
There’s a chat function right on this page. So use that, to communicate.

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When a woman becomes the king
When a woman becomes the king

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