Epic butt bodyweight challenge time…

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It’s that time again…

We have these challenges once a week on here to…

#1 Take you out of your ‘workout’ comfort zone.

#2 To see what your beastmode levels are aka what regime to put you on when

starting the official challenge.

#3 Prepare you for the official S-curve workouts.

Today =

– Resistance band bodyweight bikini season workout.

– Increase resistance to the max… With a band.

Remember… It’s just a challenge. So don’t try to treat this as a regular routine.

Let’s go…

Warm up = Hands raised push ups, bodyweight squats, arm circles (1 set of each)

#1 Hands raised tricep push ups 1 x 8 reps.

#2 Tricep push ups 1 x 5 reps.

#3 Wrap the band around a pole (A tree works well). Walk backwards and pull both

handles away from the pole until you have max resistance (Potential energy).

Turn around, switch your hands around. Your back is now facing the band.

Do bicep curls 2 x 15 reps.

#4 Do the same as above. This time, bring the band to the ground.

Get into a bicycles position (Facing the tree/pole).

Place your feet into the handles.

Pull yourself away from the (Tree/pole) until you have max resistance on the band.

Do your increased resistance bicycles… 3 sets ’till failure.

#5 Floor mountain climbers with ankle weights for 7 seconds > 3 chin ups (Ankle

weights still on) x 5 sets.

Thursday… Reply to talk about your ‘issues’.

Head over to @fitbuzz YouTube via Morebuzz to see more of this in action.



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> 30 Day S-curve Bikini Challenge (Final Phase) 

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2 Responses to “Epic butt bodyweight challenge time…”
  1. Lewis says:

    I started at the gym again bro.
    Weight lose whilst increasing muscle mass is the goal.

    Lewis Hatcher

  2. Shaun says:


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