Does this… And that… And this… ‘Work’?

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S-curve world folk/Folkerinas…
That headline…
Was triggered by this question yesterday…

That question is not the real topic/matter of concern here though.
It’s more about how we operate within the main S-curve program.
This part of my answer…

I mentioned this in a recent newsletter. But most people are thinking about solving problems in the wrong way.
They think 1 thing (Or a string of 1 things) will get them what they want.
– An app
– A ‘diet’ (Still a bad word to use, if real results is the goal)
– A workout
You can see the > screen shots of people asking this in the DM’s.
And the conclusion from me, is this…
Yes… apparel in S-curve world projects the topics/activities here.
It’s why folks end up in DM’s. Because they don’t ‘know’.
A lot the time… They’re simply not following a formula to get there.
A lot of what she mentioned in that chat above, ‘can ‘help her get there.
But those ‘elements’ need to be put into a formula. A process to be followed. Along with a concrete goal.
I won’t say ‘time frame’. More so… A time period. Because how long, depends on how fat/skinny you are, the moment you start taking action towards your goal.
This is what the S-curve formula is and what it does. All elements, that I laid out on this page…
Explaining the elements of the S-curve formula
It’s been 8 years in the making. And simply adapts, as > tech evolves.
The best thing you can do… Is start as an S-curve member.
Doing so… Is all about putting your individual attributes into that formula. And for us to use what we create, to get you winning.
2 weeks/6weeks/3 months…
Those are the time frames where we often see changes happen. Physically, mentally or spiritually.

To conclude

People still value ‘improving their bodies’.
Their mind/mindset too. But most people don’t know what that looks like, until they become an S-curve member… Staying active in 121 coaching chats (Which causes the most changes in your mind/mindset).
And people are sending DM’s… Asking about changing their bodies for the better.
Part of the reason. Is because they can actually ‘see’ what an outcome looks like. From scanning our social media feeds.
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And you will indeed reach your goal.
But it’s like this…
Whatever your goal is… At any area of your life. If you’ve been failing to reach it, until now. Then…
**Pay someone/something, to help you get there.**
– An entity that has a long history of helping people achieve said result.
– An entity that YOU have grown to trust.
Digging around… Looking for scattered clues, is a colossal waste of time.
Time that you should be spending, living up parts 2-4 of the S-curve Xperience.
Just pay to learn the way.
It’s the first thing that I personally do, when I need something to get done.
If you trust the entity that you are consider working with. Then don’t worry about ‘money’
In these cases… 9 times out of 10. It will be money well spent. Money that you can easily make back.
But more importantly… A LOT of time saved. Time spent… Which you NEVER get back!
We’re an S-curve Xperience. Which means there are different things that we get up to here.
(To name a few)
If Becoming S-curvish is goal right now (Or at any time). Then these are the pages you need to hit…

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