Common Complaints Guys Tend to Have About Sexual Health

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Sexual dysfunctions and disorders are common for men of all ages; however, they are more common amongst older men. These types of health issues can affect a man’s ability to perform sexually or receive any pleasure, and they can also suppress sexual desire. Sexual dysfunction can be caused by either a psychological or physical problem and might require treatment. Men often shy away from expressing their concerns regarding the subject matter, but there’s nothing unusual about it. To help you deal with your problems in bed, we have gathered some of the most common complaints men have about their sexual health. 

Common Complaints Guys Tend to Have About Sexual Health
Common Complaints Guys Tend to Have About Sexual Health

Orgasm Too Quickly 

Men rarely want to open up about this, but it is probably the most common complaint they have about their sexual health. Premature ejaculation (PE) is a problem that most men will experience at some point during their lifetime. The number one cause of PE is a high level of penile sensitivity, and 1 in 3 men between the ages of 18 to 59 will have at least experienced some symptoms of PE. Luckily, many men who have had issues with PE are most likely healthy; however, as explained in Promescent’s guide on what can cause an over sensitive penis, this can begin to affect your sex life. It is important to gain a thorough understanding of what is causing your specific case.

For some men, it is linked to genetics and the issue might run in the family, and for others, it could be the makeup of their anatomy and they might be more sensitive in other parts of their body as well. If the problem persists and affects your life, your medical provider can prescribe ointments or numbing products to reduce sensitivity.

Unable to Get/Keep an Erection 

Another common complaint that many men have, especially as they get older, is that they are finding it harder to get and/or keep an erection. This is called Erectile dysfunction (ED). The physical cause of this issue strongly correlates with blood pressure and circulation. If you suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes, or obesity, you might struggle with erectile dysfunction regularly.

It is important to see your medical provider if you are dealing with this issue as it can be a symptom of a more serious condition, such as heart disease, clogged blood vessels, or Parkinson’s disease. To reduce the risk, it is highly recommended that you quit smoking if you are a smoker, and limit your alcohol intake. You should also try to manage your cholesterol and exercise regularly. Mentally, ED can take its toll as well, as men who struggle with it will find themselves constantly stressing about the problem, which affects their ability to perform sexually.  

Loss of Interest in Sex

A low sex drive can be caused by a number of psychological reasons, ranging from depression to stress. If you are going through any hardships in your relationship, then your sex drive is likely to decrease. Physical issues such as low testosterone, drug and alcohol use, prescription medications, and even too much or too little exercise are also common causes of low libido. Treatment is best obtained through healthier lifestyle choices like a more balanced diet, regular exercise, reducing your alcohol intake, adopting a healthy sleeping pattern, and finding ways to reduce stress.

If you are on any medications that might be affecting your sex drive, then you will need to discuss other options with your health care provider. If depression is the reason low libido persists, then you might be prescribed antidepressants. Other treatments include counseling and testosterone replacement therapy if the problem appears to be psychological. 

Common Complaints Guys Tend to Have About Sexual Health
Common Complaints Guys Tend to Have About Sexual Health

Take Too Long to Orgasm/Don’t Orgasm at All

Finally, delayed ejaculation is, yet, another sexual health problem that men don’t feel comfortable discussing. This refers to a man’s inability to ejaculate or reach an orgasm successfully. The psychological causes might be due to unexpressed anger, history of abuse, or neglect throughout childhood, which has resulted in difficulty bonding, reluctance to enjoy the pleasure (perhaps for religious reasons or fear of pregnancy), or performance anxiety and lack of confidence. The physical causes are often due to alcohol intake and recreational drug use, nerve damage, certain medications, and old age. A medical provider will have to identify the root of the problem to determine what form of treatment would be effective. 

Hopefully, men would be able to express their sexual concerns free of judgment and be more willing to seek medical care regarding these matters. The aforementioned sexual health problems are common in men of all ages, and once a doctor has diagnosed the source of the problem, treatment is easy to attain. It all starts with speaking out and seeking medical help.

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