Change… Fear… Fear of change/success (Within S-curve world)

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‘Change’… Or lack there of, in your life…

Become 'Soft lean' #bikini-curvish @deboramirtes
Become ‘Soft lean’ #bikini-curvish @deboramirtes
If you’re reading this… I KNOW you want something to change.
Unfortunately… For this to truly happen to most of you. You need to be pushed into ‘change’. Usually by an unfortunate event.
It could be an injury. A job loss. An end to a relationship.
And it’s usually quite a painful process.
Which is what the > Going deeper post was for.
Fortunately for you though. We’ve taken all the hits on the chin @ doing all this shit for an entire decade (10 year anniversary in July @ see > archives).
So we’ve seen all the trial and error. Knows what works and what doesn’t.
The upside of all the change that does happen. Is that you’ll start to succeed, even more than YOUR wildest dreams.
There’s an emphasis on the word YOUR (Because a lot of people want things @ making every part of the S-curve Xperience more awesome than the norm).
Because a lot of you might be selling yourself short.
Aka scared of success.
There’s a lot of varying factors at play. Most of which we discover via our 121 chats.
Just know… That when you get deep into the S-curve Xperience. Change is guaranteed!

Talking of change…

Part of why all of what we do, ‘works’. Is due to the rise of being able to access your shit from anywhere.
  • Music? Spotify
  • A place to stay? Air bnb
  • Watch videos? YouTube 
  • Chat? Whatsapp, Viber, FB Messenger
  • Access the Internet? – Pocket wifi and countless hot spots when in the city
All of that… Enables ALL of us to:
  • Earn from anywhere.
  • Become S-curvish from anywhere.
  • Work from anywhere (See side bar on the right).
And best of all… Gives us more free time and less stress.
Both which… Is causing you you to have issues in your life. Because there’s currently not enough time or too much stress.

Parts 1-4 of the S-curve Xperience.

Everything is formulaic. And we’ve been building and improving upon it, year after year.
There’s still some issues though… 
There always will be some @ all parts of business and life.
One issue that we have. Is communicating with you in your language @ those of you who speak Portuguese, Spanish and French.
Google translate is our current day option for that. Especially for those of you who we speak to face to face.
Since the mobile app let’s you speak into the device. And spits out what you say, in any language that you want it to.
But one other area where we can nail this issue Is the supplement pages. Like these…
> Prime male page
> Lean Bean page
Because the page can be translated into your language. Even the videos.
And with supplements. It’s pretty easy to make a purchasing decision. Because what you see is what you get.
In fact… That’s one of the rules for buying supplements. As we encourage to buy and try. In small amounts 1st.
The S-curve 'explained' @ read the fudging description under the vid behind this pic @eujessicadourado
The S-curve ‘explained’ @ read the fudging description under the vid behind this pic @eujessicadourado


To conclude

Fear… Change… Fear of change…
All of this is a topic ‘today’. Because we can see that these are the only real things that are causing you to have issues in your life.
On that note…
Read the description, under the following video.
You’ll see why, when you get there.
Copy the code below to your web site.

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