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Buzzers… Wednesday…
It’s another day in July. We’re all living life. It’s newsletter time…
So let’s get into it…

You know… Switching to a premium level experience has been one of the best things ever.

#1 Because we get to ‘communicate’.

#2 We get to learn what the real reasons are @ why you fail at stuff.

This is so incredibly important. Because you wouldn’t reveal this stuff with just any casual being…

Only those who you’re closest to or fully invested in, get that privilege. And that… Is the heart of the
S-curve formula, which continues to be created, based on what we learn there.

Today’s headline

I had to highlight this… Because I’ve been speaking with a lot of newer FitBuzzers recently.

Some… For about a month.

They received plenty of pre-foundation program tips (A lot… No advanced stuff yet). And they know

what to do now.

Yet… They’re not experiencing any changes.


Because I KNOW… That they’re still doing what they’ve always done. Which means they’ll

experience what they’ve always achieved to-date. Which is little, to no change at all.

One new Fitbuzzer @ yesterday’s chats..

#1 Does HIIT cardio 4 times a week

#2 Does some upper body workouts on the other days
And she needs to shred fat around her torso/back. And as usual… I seem to get these topics out,
when they’re hot on your mind @ > torso @ eerie.

The problem…

#1 HIIT cardio activity is only a ‘helper’ in regards to shredding to smexy. The same way that

supplements are just ‘helpers’ to the > S-curve meal structure.

So she won’t see rapid changes there, any time soon.

Hint: It’s all about the S-curve bodyweight circuits and TDE videos, as results triggers. Seriously!

#2 It’s not about ‘what you do’ in the workouts. It’s all about ‘how you do’!

– Are you going at results phase intensity, 4 x a week?

– Are you hitting exact reps/sets with every exercise without fail (No one achieves this without help…


– Are you doing the right rep/set ranges

– Keeping the rest periods short in-between sets?

– Keeping the ‘S-curve workouts’ 25-40 mins long without fail?

That’s just an example list. But if none of the above is getting done, then expect your body/butt to look

like crap, for longer than it should.

And kill a lot of the heart ache, by simply > starting… Officially


I’m going to give you the simple formula for this goal…

S-curve epic butt/tiny waist with natural boobs to match

#1 Do the S-curve workouts ‘exact.’ > Example vids are there.

#2 You will get hungry… So embrace the ‘eat up’.

#3 Avoid > these exercises.

#4 Do ab exercises ONLY… As your tailored daily exercise(s), everyday without fail.

> Hanging half leg raises
> Super rep leg raise bicycles (You’ll need to progress to this via the S-curve programs exercise
progression process)
#5 Start using Mondays newsletter (The ‘torso’ link above), once you start seeing results @ the early
stages. Before the grind stage kicks in.

#6 Start cutting your dinner carbs slightly… At some point during #5 above.

We gauge this a lot more closely on the main program, since 121 coaching is a big part of it.


Don’t look like crap @ operation > ‘fix that’.

Reply to talk… You KNOW adding below is MUCH better… And > More buzz for daily
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