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You’re not too busy

That’s right… You’re not.

You’re just busy, thinking of ways to keep yourself living in the land of failures.


You see… This is old news now. But becoming S-curvish or shredding to smexy is this…

– Change the way you currently eat (No extra time required as you’re already eating).

– Following a 3-15 minute video from your phone or tablet at home or at the gym.

See… No time at all. So if you ever say the word ‘busy’ in our chats. I’ll just call you out on your BS. To snap you out of the failure mindset trance that you’re in.

Where the time does go… Is figuring out the ‘what to do’ with the ‘how to do’.

And then managing your emotional state over the long term.

So if you currently look and feel like a s*** version of yourself. Then you know > what it’s time for!

Today is the youngest you’ll ever be… Ever again!

I always give you the info ‘raw’ on here. Just like I do when face to face. I don’t ever hold back.

Scary? Maybe… But you’ll always love me for it later.


We all know that you need to 100% trust (In your head) something/someone, before going long term on a premium experience like with what we do on here (Kinda like marriage).

But ‘trust’… Does takes time. Which is one reason why we have the > stages in place. But one ‘year on year’ goal for all of us… Is to speed up that process.

Because while it’s OK for ‘trust’ to take time. It’s not OK for your current state of mind and body.

You see… ‘Most’ women here are aged between 28-45.

Which means that time is against you, in terms of looking your body-best. And you really need to kick in the ‘prevention rather than detection’ gears as early as you can.

And in terms of your mind… The longer you sit in a shi**y mind state, the harder it’ll be to snap out of it.

Breaking things is easy (The current broken YOU). Fixing them will take years, if we don’t start the moment you highlight the need to start (Which is why I always encourage you to reply… As I can’t know that you exist if you don’t talk).

So… With all that being said. You really need to quit hiding and avoiding messages like a high school girl in those early stages of fixing YOU (We’re all grown here dammit – Active members never ever do that!)

This is premium world. We get close. We > bond. You get into the > world here. And I get into yours.

You’ll want premium level results… So you’ll have to start acting like you want premium level results.

Plus… ‘Acting’ properly gives me less reasons to call you out on anything, later on.

Especially when you have those unavoidable hissy fits during the grind stage (Where results are harder to get and when most people quit… @ anything that’s worthwhile… Not just getting to 90-100% S-curvish).

> Travel-curvish 2.0

That picture is exactly what travel-curvish munchies are all about!

– Taste good
– Maybe A-rated (But far from important)
– At the beach bar… Day or night (Accompanied by good music)

And Travel-curvish 2.0 is in more full effect, as we approach fall season this week. As most of us will be busy

getting back to our ‘daily life’ routine.

The list will be up soon, as a part of the upcoming full updates list…

– Tweak weeks modules are being updated
– S-curve bodyweight circuit 3.0 for intermediate/advanced members
– Travel-curvish 2.0

– The official S-curve food lists (Kinda like what we did with tweak weeks… But for food)

That’s all… I’ll see you in the chats. And if you’re not in the chats. Go there or reply to this newsletter.

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