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Note: There maybe a part 2 to this post. Titled: Building the perfect ‘advanced’ home gym.
People of S-curve world…
Who would have thought eh…
That building a perfect ‘simple’ home gym, would be a solution to a problem, in 2020.
Because… For a while…
We was encouraging people NOT to own fitness equipment. And to just have access to it, wherever they go.
Because of everything that was highlighted in this post…
But COVID-19 changed that.
So today… We’re going to walk you through building a home workout set up.
Stuff that you’ll absolutely need. In order to survive and thrive in this new economy.
This of course, coincides with our newly announced ‘Survive and Thrive’ S-curve program.


Some visuals to show you what this will look like…
– At home
Now… A popular post to help kick this off…
And rightly so… As it highlights the first basic item you’ll need…

A barbell

A barbell that lasts forever!
A barbell that lasts forever!
And the right type of weight plates to match.
And you’ll see why thats important, in that post above.
The answer to that of course… Is to buy a set of iron plates.
The best thing about buying them. Is that you can buy the weights over time.
One thing to add to that post, in regards to this choice of weight plate. Is that you’ll want to buy a set, that is coated in rubber.
Rubber Coated Tri-Grip Olympic Weight Plates
Rubber Coated Tri-Grip Olympic Weight Plates
That way… You’ll avoid damaging the floors in your home.
And you can always replace the rubber over time, should it deteriorate.
But from my experience… That’s not likely to happen.
A note
A lot of what is seen in this post… Won’t be new, to those who are very experienced, in the field of exercise equipment.
But it will be new for…
– People who simply use the gym… For the equipment (Without much care about the specifics of it).
– People who suddenly found themselves at home… Having never considered buying fitness equipment themselves.
Especially if you was a part of the ‘Access economy’.


Yes4All Adjustable Dumbbells 40, 50, 52.5, 60, 105 to 200 lbs with Connector Options
Yes4All Adjustable Dumbbells 40, 50, 52.5, 60, 105 to 200 lbs with Connector Options
Yup… That’s the EXACT set that I bought in 1998… And they’re still here!!
Usually to be bought, at the same time as building your barbell set up.
It’ll be exactly the same, as described above. Just… with smaller bars and weight plates, as you can see.

Ankle weights

Sportneer Ankle Weights
Sportneer Ankle Weights
– 4kg
– 6kg
– 8kg
Those are the 3 core weight levels that you’ll deal with.
The main reason for needing them… Is for when you perform hip extension exercise variations.
Which are arguably the ultimate butt/S-curve shaping exercises. More so than the heavy squat/deadlift exercise variations.
They also become handy… During times of creativity.
For example
If you’re staying at home right now. And all you had, was a set of 6kg ankle weights.
You could rest the entire 12 kg weight on your thigh… During a clam exercise.
Or use it as added resistance, during a kettlebell swing, if you don’t have a kettlebell, or barbell for performing deadlifts.
But seriously… Having at least 2 sets of ankle weights (4/6… 4/8) will save the day. When it comes to Becoming S-curvish (Muscle growth). And maintaining that growth.

A pull up bar

Shaun Sinclair in 2009... Haven't changed much.. Have I? :D
Shaun Sinclair in 2009… Haven’t changed much.. Have I? 😀
Yup… That’s the first pic of me… That the 2009 online fitness world got to see.
And in that pic… Is the pull up bar that re-started my fitness journey… After > this situation.
– It kick started the new me… 3 months before building the confidence to get back into the gym.
– It created the foundation of the 2011 pull ups program I created (Info that has now been integrated into the S-curve formula as a whole).
The 2011 pull up program
The 2011 pull up program
– And of course… Got me embracing outdoor pull up bar set ups, when I started to create the first wave of S-curve ‘anywhere’ workouts (What we now call ‘Air time’).
If you have access to a park, with a set up like that…. Great. YOU… Are hitting ‘Air time goals.
If not… Then you’ll 100% need a pull up bar.
Of course… A door way pull up bar.
Today… You can simply place one at the top of a door with ease. And like some other items that you’ll see in this post.
I’ve found one that is perfect for life in today’s ‘New normal’ world… Within S-curve world.
Foldable Pull Up Bar for Doorway
Foldable Pull Up Bar for Doorway
The key highlight of this particular pull up bar… For all of us…
– Can be folded and carried around easily. Which is a must. Especially for those of you who start embracing the newly announced 2-4 week ‘Air time trips.
The exercise types that you’ll keep at the forefront of your mind…
– Hanging bicycles
– Hanging leg raises
– Pull up variations
– Chin up variations
This is where your ankle weights will became useful again. As you’ll use them as added resistance, on all of those exercises, throughout the Strength and exercise progression module… On the S-curve and Thrive S-curve Plan.
And just like ankle weights… There are ways to get creative with the exercise variations, using a pull up bar.
Variations… That will come into play… As you start to move through the motions on your Survive and Thrive S-curve Plan.
All of this… ISN’T about…
– Reaching 90-100% S-curvish goals at record speed.
– Getting S-curvish for Travel-curvish trips.
Because that is not the goal for most of you, in this current ‘new normal’ world.
It’s all about keeping a sense of sanity, strong mobility and physical activity.
The S-curve ‘S-curve and Thrive’ program is set at 3 months… Because we don’t know what the world will look like in 3 months.
It’ll likely be some variation of what I highlighted in these posts…
The ‘New normal’ – S-curve Xperience shenanigans…
A day of life in this ‘New normal’ world⁣ 
But right now… Survive and thrives goal, is to fix you today!

An adjustable bench

Earlier… I mentioned that there might be a sequel to this post.
Titled: Building the perfect ‘advanced’ home gym
I was going to leave the bench out, to be a part of that post.
In this ‘New normal’ world. Even a simple home gym set up will need a bench.
There’s just too many exercise variations that can’t be performed without one.
And so… I found one for you… That would be ideal, for owning one. In a simple gym set up. In this ‘New normal’ S-curve world!
FLYBIRD Adjustable Full Body Workout- Multi-Purpose Foldable Bench
FLYBIRD Adjustable Full Body Workout- Multi-Purpose Foldable Bench
– Can be folded and carried around easily. Which is a must. Especially for those of you who start embracing the newly announced 2-4 week ‘Air time trips…
Which will have you bringing that bench to Airbnb locations like this…
– Non slip grip
– Odourless easy clean leather, that doesn’t tear easily
– Set up out of the box!
A bench like this, today… Is JUST as important as the cast iron weight plates that I spoke of at the start of this post.
It may or may not last forever, like cast iron weight plates do (I still have mine that I bought in 1998!!)
But it ticks every box… For today’s ‘New normal’ world.

A step

Step up - Go calf raise
Step up – Go calf raise
The main reason you’ll need this. Is to assist in exercise variations.
I’ve left it towards the end of this post… As it’s an item that can wait.
All the above… Get started with those, now!

Resistance bands

You have all of the above?
If so… The only real use for resistance bands… Is when you are…
– Embracing an ‘Air time’ bodyweight circuit…
– Or if you are on a 2-4 week ‘Air time’ trip… Where you probably won’t want to go as hard as you would at home.
Or… Because you decide not to bring any heavy weight with you.
To conclude
I had this post planned in my head… Long before it became a post.
Because I’ve always had a set up like this. Mostly because I was the main S-curve coach for so long. So I lead by example.
What has been interesting… Is all of the new items I’ve found. Mostly via Amazon.
Which also backs up our reason for focusing on ‘item types’. And to not obsess over a particular brand. As there’s always room for innovation. 
Either way… Follow through with the above.
It’s what most of you will need for the foreseeable future. And for our workout shenanigans, on the Survive and Thrive S-curve plan.

$100 a month over 3 months

Again… This is mostly for those of you who are already following our social media posts.
If this sounds like the kind of help you need right now… Then expect to live inside Messenger apps and video calls more… With us.

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