Building an advanced ‘simple’ private gym with current day equipment

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Well… It’s not really ‘advanced’.
What it really is. Is an extension of what you see in this post…
Building the perfect ‘simple’ home gym 
A mobile gym is great.
And I know how great it is, as I’m personally using one daily, to help you all on the Survive and Thrive program.
There are heart felt restrictions with it.
In the realm of…
– Exercise variations
– Adding extra resistance
And so…
In 2020… Post pandemic. You are now highly encouraged to build (At least) a mini home gym… Somewhere in your home.
As you can see… The extra essential equipment, doesn’t have to take up that much space.
Especially since some essential equipment is mobile. Like the items you saw in this post…
Building the perfect ‘simple’ home gym 
But in THIS post… I’ll highlight and continue to add the items that I feel necessary to add to your home gym set up.
Which of course… Has now become almost mandatory. Now that the Coronavirus has everyone afraid of touching public apparatus.
Let’s dig…

The smith machine

Marcy Pro Smith Machine Weight Bench Home Gym Total Body Workout Training System
Marcy Pro Smith Machine Weight Bench Home Gym Total Body Workout Training System
Yea… We know it’s an all round machine.
But in S-curve world. We focus on…
– Proven science
– First hand experiences
Which is the backbone of everything that we create.
Now… Let’s dig into some exercise situations, that validate the need for its existence, when doing S-curve workouts.
Adding resistance to a pull up/chin up
It’s risky to do that with the > mobile pull up bar. As you might hurt yourself and/or damage the interiors of the place you’re using it.
Adding resistance to pull up bar exercises… Is a vital part of the > Strength and progression module.
– Using a > dip belt on pull up/chin ups
– Wearing > ankle weights on hanging leg raises/lifts (Super awesome exercise variation/exercise to progress to, in order to shred your lower belly).
A private gym… Means no spotter
Or definitely less present… Compared to working out in a public gym.
This makes it harder to safely add resistance to exercises, such as the squat or bench press.
And you WILL need to add resistance at some level.
Having a smith machine present… In addition to a > barbell (From the simple/mobile gym post).
Means that you can use the machine to boost your strength gains. And head back to the free lifting bar. Which of course… Has more range of motion.
Talking of more range of motion…
A pulley system
It’s all about the exercise variations.
The pulleys make that… A great possibility.
There are exercise variations out there, that truly explode certain muscle groups.
But you need…
– Access to unlimited resistance
– Unlimited angles
– Unlimited control
The pulleys allow for that.
And the fact that the above, decreases the possibility of injuries. 
On the Survive and Thrive program… We figure out what those exercises should be for YOU.
It’s different for everyone..
A personal favorite is the standing over head, single arm tricep extension.
– Women in S-curve world… Don’t want the extra mass on the arms. ‘Soft lean’ is the goal.
– Men want the mass
Using the pulley… Instead of a dumbbell, is effective at achieving both goals… Safely!
Keyword = Safe.
Because doing that exercise with the wrong form, consistently… WILL put a stop to your workouts.
– Unlimited angles
– Unlimited control
The pulley gives you that. And saves you because of it.
This machine is also another great addition for an advanced private gym at home.
Marcy Smith Cage Workout Machine Total Body Training Home Gym System with Linear Bearing
Marcy Smith Cage Workout Machine Total Body Training Home Gym System with Linear Bearing
Targeted at intermediate/advanced S-curve world trainees.

Hanging abs straps

DMoose Fitness Hanging Ab Straps
DMoose Fitness Hanging Ab Straps

This is what you’ll use… To help you push through your grip strength progression.

Like on the hanging leg lift/raise exercise I highlighted earlier.
Your arms may have the strength to hold your body up. But there’s a good chance that your grip will fail you, if you choose to (Chin up grip) hold yourself up.
It’s all about the Strength and exercise progression module.
Remember… This is all about long term private gym training. Unlike the simple/mobile gym.
Long term… Due to the fact that it won’t be a popular option to train in a public gym (At least for the next 6-12 months).
Real progress and maintenance, kicks into gear after 3-6 months. So it’s important that you have tools in your arsenal that take you there… At home.

To conclude

The goal of this post…. Is to add current day items, over time. Items that truly matter.
The above is a great start.
This post (Like most others) will continue to be mentioned in future newsletters.
So expect to see new items here, when you see it again.

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