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It’s the start of a new week people, and hopefully you all had a good time at the weekend. As you may know, is all about innovative ways to build muscle, however… I have mainly focused on the physical aspect on how to do that. What i haven’t really talked about is the mental aspects of maintaining fitness, and is which some may argue the first most important thing that you need to have in place before starting a workout regime.
For years i have always preached to people that you can only develop a strong body if you have a strong mind, and recently i have focused a lot on keeping a strong mind in my attempts to ‘successfully’ maintain overall fitness.

So to start you off on your weekly workout, here are some things that i have been implementing that you may use too.

I am taking fish oil!

Optimum Fish Oil, 200 Softgels


To be frank… i just know it will improve my focus.

Now along with the usual,

– Choose a good location (Your surroundings)
– Choose a good diet

I know that adding fish oil to my diet will and has already started to improve my mental being. When i was younger, the elders did always tell me… ‘ Eat fish, it will give you brains’. I didn’t buy that fact at all when i was younger, but today i do believe that fish oil does help improve mental health and that is definitely what you need in place when improving fitness.

But being the straight forward to the point type of guy, I’ll describe why and how this really works.

  • Fish oil is found in Salmon, Mackerel, Herring
  • This is good for your heart and the Omega 3 nutrient reduces the risk of blood clots which reduces the chance of a heart attack (improves cardiovascular health)
  • A diet that benefits your heart is likely to benefit your brain as well.

And so that is how fish will give you brain power, improve the way you think and will help your brain function better.

Since taking fish oil in the last 4-5 months, i have definitely seen an improvement in the above areas. But the question is…

Is this down to fish oil?

I’ll let you know when i stop using it for a short while. But I’d put a good bet on it that it is down to taking fish oil. So for all of you younger readers out there whose brains haven’t yet started to deteriorate, take advice from my elders and start stacking that fish into your guts.

Some info for you

Teenage Boys Who Eat Fish At Least Once A Week Achieve Higher Intelligence Scores
(March 10, 2009) — Male teenagers who ate fish at least once a week at the age of 15 showed a 6 percent increase in intelligence scores at 18 and those who ate it more than once a week showed an 11 percent per cent higher than those who ate fish less than once a week. Those who ate fish once a week scored seven per cent higher.

I’m not trying to be your school teacher here, but at least you’ll decrease the chances of injuring yourself at the gym from being more intelligent. 🙂

The Extras

Here are some other brain foods that i have started to include in my diet. Some of these i have talked about in Killer foods for fitness.

(1) Wholegrains
(2) Nuts (walnuts, cashews, almonds, pecans)
(3) Berries (Blueberries, Strawberries, Blackberries)
(4) Seeds (Sunflower, Pumpkin)
(5) Green teas
(6) Eggs
(7) Avocados
(8) Tomatoes
(9) Broccoli
(10) Read cabbage
(11) Eggplant
(12) Spinach
(13) Yogurt
(14) Eggplant

I will talk more about ways to improve mental fitness as i think it is an important thing for all of us muscle heads to focus on, and improving mental fitness is something that is a strong part of my current situation. Just remember. Strong mind = Strong body.

What actions are you taking to improve your mental fitness?

See you in the comments.

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