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Yup… It’s that time of year again. Which will kick into gear, right after Halloween.

How we celebrate Thanksgiving season in S-curve world… Changes, based on what stage of evolution we’re at.

So this year… We’re simply going to be putting you through a results phase 121 chat experience, for an extra month. Even if you’re on a lifestyle phase (= More 121 chats and being more ‘on your case’).

Since I already know that you’ll be in the zone for it. As we approach the new year.

It’s never about any ‘new year new me’ BS.

It’s more about planning to continue living awesomely, for the following year.

The most exciting thing of all of course… Is looking forward to Travel-curvish 2.0 shenanigans. I personally would like to see that evolve into something exciting.

I don’t know ‘what’ exactly. But.. For something to be of super value to all of us. Regardless of where you live in the world.

I’m thinking…

– Airbnb shenanigans
– Hashtag creation (Like when #Scurve first hit the scene)
– Private FB group shenanigans
– Food shenanigans
– Working remotely shenanigans

All combined into something awesome.

So… Let’s see. @ 2018 and beyond.

Now… Some stuff… Based on yesterday’s convos.


This IS the most important thing right now!

People are very aware that there are scams everywhere, in any industry. And I don’t blame people for not wanting to trust anyone/company.

We have gone a lot more LIVE in the past year. So this is less of an issue here in S-curve world.

And my personal FB account is totally open now. With a lot of people seeing ME active daily… In the past 2 years on there.

Which today… Is me, living the S-curve lifestyle along with you.

Points to look out for… @ trust issues

– Watch how long they do what they do (They should still be active 1 year later… At least)

– Watch how they treat others (Online or offline)

– Talk with them directly

Which leads me to…

Get to know each other (Or a representative for them)

We’re talking 121 coaching and working long term.

Seriously… There is no way you can be on the same page, unless they get into YOUR life. And vice versa too, somewhat.

But it’s mostly about you.

It’s ALL about you. Fudge anyone else that they’ve helped.

What can they do for YOU?

If they’re not getting into your life and showing you ‘love’. Then they can’t do s*** for you. Simple as. No trust trust no more more.

Like this year… As with every year. I’ve been fully engrossed in the lives of S-curve members.

– I know about their divorces.
– Why that happened.
– How they’re feeling now.
– I know how their surgeries are affecting them and making them feel.
– I know about all the little things that they feel, that make them act a certain way @ different situations. Like… When they were scared to officially start on here.

All of that… Shows me why they want to restart or just start as new. I can truly feel their pain.

Can you now see why we’ve been gearing more towards the 65%-ish non-workout and nutrition stuff?

– That stuff makes you feel and look good. Yay.
– But it’s the rest of the long term experience + this…

For OOTD/OOTN/Bikini-curvish attire > Improved daily lifestyle > Travel-curvish 2.0 trips

And the memories created in those situations. That keeps you in the game and forever fixed.


Thanks… Take your fixed booty back :P.

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