Benefits of boxing training for fitness

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Boxing training for fitness
When people think of fitness, they tend to think of free weights, machines and running (I use to think this to). But building for fitness really is more diverse than that, and there are many other sporting activities you can take up to build a diverse range of fitness abilities, Boxing being one of them.

Boxing is generally seen as a male activity, but I can assure you, it certainly isn’t, and it has definitely given my body a boost and allowed me to be more diverse in my attitude towards fitness.

In the sporting world, Boxing is known as “the noble art of self-defense”. It is a classic fistfight with gloves. But to box doesn’t necessarily mean to enter the ring and knock each other down. There are different ways to work on this art of self-defense, and if you are open to try out boxing, you will find that you will gain a lot more than just a toned body.

Boxing is an intricate way of working out, that incorporates all of the important aspects of fitness, including strength, endurance, speed, and coordination. During training, every movement will be worked on properly and systematically and you will build stronger and more defined arms, legs and abs.

Classical workout methods in boxing include running, jogging, intervals, jump ropes, and sparring, in addition to sit-ups, push ups, and star jumps. If you prefer to keep to yourself, boxing is very versatile and you can use heavy bags, focus mitts or shadow boxing to practice your fighting skills.

Calories burned per 30 minutes of boxing:

50 kg 240 kcal
65 kg 270 kcal
75 kg 300 kcal
85 kg 330 kcal
100 kg 390 kcal

In addition to working on your physical strength, boxing will improve your mental strength, leaving you with a sense of emotional balance. It is a great platform to develop your self-motivation, as it leaves you wanting to push yourself to the limit each and every time. With help from your opponents, you will practice determination, patience, and focus.

Boxing classes will let you push yourself to the limit, in a motivating and safe environment. Different levels in classes will let you work out on the level that you are comfortable with. You will learn self-defense skills that can turn out to be very valuable in many ‘unwanted’ real life situations. But most importantly, you will get an energy boost that will enable you to keep on top of your game in your day-to-day life.

So what are you waiting for? Go and get the body and self-confidence you have always wanted!

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