Asking for help isn’t showing weakness… It’s showing strength!

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People of S-curve world…
We’ve got the keys to your handcuffs.
Oh yes we have!
And we’ll get into how that is so, in a moment.

First… Let me remind you…

That we are a lifestyle. Known as the S-curve Xperience. We always have been. We’ve just made that fact more obvious over time.
We highlight aspects of daily life, that affect your ability to have an S-curvish body. A solid mindset. And in recent years… Have the money/means to live how you see life being lived in these videos…
Today’s post is all about highlighting a mental trap that you’re suffering from, or have suffered from.
A trap that truly does hold you back.
It’s time to get rid of that…
Asking for help isn’t showing weakness. It’s showing strength…

Direct messages exist for ‘private help’

That’s where all the action happens.
If you see a raving customer who is active on any of our channels (Many of whom live inside this private Facebook group)…
Facebook groups fitness
It’s because they’ve been helped privately….. Not publicly.
100% of the time, at a much deeper level.
Back in the day… This would all happen via email.
But today… It all happens via the DMs.
You see… No one wants their ‘private business’ out there in the public world.
And when we share the dilemmas that people are sharing with us. We always hide names (But show icons… So that you know the people are real).
Manychat fitness
And we share the dilemmas… So that you know the issues are real.

It doesn’t take strength to ask for help

1. You ‘trust’.
2. You know your info will remain private.
It’s why 121 coaching has always been a no.1 factor of the successes we have created over time.
So today… Especially during these times COVID-19 times… You are highly encouraged to send us DMs.
– Reply to stories on Facebook and Instagram.
– Reply to Messenger newsletters (Sign up > Here… S-curve Partner Program folk… Set yours up > here).
It’s all built for us to communicate 121… Effectively.

What we talk about… Ends up as newsletter topics

Topics that people are scared to open up about.
But when you see them. You relate. You know it’s real. And instigates more 121 chats with YOU.
All of this… Helps the entire ecosystem of the S-curve Xperience.
And leads to things like…
– More relative products/services (All of which are featured > here and at the bottom of this page).
It’s all about getting you to drop your guard downwards (I call it ‘un-guarding’).
All to make you feel super comfortable. 
So send DM’s.
It’s doing a lot more good than you could ever imagine.

Remember… Silence also leads to increased suicide rates/Mental trauma

A personal story
I started this website ( in 2009.
However… I’d been building business-like projects, since ‘forever’.
But as I became serious about building a career. I quickly learned that I needed to seek the help from people who have already reached where I wanted to go.
Suffering in silence and going solo.. Would have meant a slow and painful death in ‘business’. Wasted time (Wasting vital young years).
So it was all about opening up about the areas where I fall short.
This is all common knowledge.
But maybe not for the masses.
So my message to everyone… Is to quickly open up about your limitations. 
Not doing so is actually making you look weak. And… Is leading to a weak lifestyle.
This is why we have the S-curve Partner Program.
You’ll quickly see the different areas where certain individuals and businesses thrive.
And you’ll indirectly/directly learn from them, just by being present.
Again… We have a constant stream of NEW S-curve Partner Program (Individuals), who understand the power of being present here.
Most recently…
Especially during these uncertain times. Where we KNOW people are suffering in silence.
Again… Don’t let that be YOU today. Open up.
When I was embracing ‘Meet 1-5 new people every other day’, from 2017-2019. I learned something new from every single encounter.
Oh… And I was definitely meeting 1-5 new people every single day.
And you can see many of these people inside the private Facebook group.
All of that… Is me… Showing strength, from knowing that I do not ‘know it all’.
Of course I don’t… And it’s why YOU need to send DM’s to let us know what’s up with YOU.
YOU… Are the back bone of what the S-curve Xperience lifestyle is.

To conclude

We simply had to highlight this topic in full.
Because in recent times… Up until COVID-19 hit. TOO many people were on ‘public’ social media… Acting like their sh*t doesn’t stink.
– They were acting like they were making money… Due to efforts in ‘business’.
– They were acting like ‘life is good’ (A lot of the time… That fact will just show… Without you having to say it out loud).
But we live inside the DM’s with a lot of those people. And that isn’t their reality.
Of course… People do this, because…
– They want to appear that they are ‘keeping up’ with other people who THEY think have life figured out that way.
– They want to appear ‘strong’.
But that behaviour will catch up with you and eat you up inside eventually.
You’ve seen our back stories…
We hide nothing. And our progress to our successes have been documented along the way.
Like when we did a LIVE 3-4 month ‘Become S-curvish’ plan.
Vics shred to smexy
Vics shred to smexy
Asking for help isn’t showing weakness. It’s showing strength…
Send DM’s!

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