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Today’s > daily update video is what the S-curve bodyweight circuits are all about, during the summer
But like I said on the travel-curvish page… Don’t even bother trying to get a workout in whilst on the trip.
Because you’ll be too caught up in the ‘awesomeness’ of the trip.
Let’s have a recap of the two things that have come up during this week, via YOUR reactions.

– Prevent boob shrinkage.
– The way you feel along the way… Before you decide to make the big jump to officially start.

Boob shrinkage

They are mostly made up of fat. And for the most part, we can decide what we want our ‘specific’ body

parts to look like.

For example…

Right now… I’m personally shredding back down to the hardcore abs that I had when I was leaner. But…

By following the rules of the S-curve formula (I change it to fit a mans physique… Not S-curve goals…
Which is specifically for YOU) I can still keep a bulky upper body.


What YOU need to decide then… Is what is most important to you @ body parts?

A) Do you want to have that visible collar bone area… When wearing bikinis and dresses? With less back

fat to match?

If so, then expect a slight shrinkage of your boobs. Yet… A little more perky.

B) Do you want to stay more > soft lean all over and keep them intact?

If so… Then expect to start getting really specific with your food intake and the exercises that you perform.
And for us to work a little more closely together, in a more ‘gauged results’ kinda way. That’s the only time

when we’ll obsess over the mirror.

The feelings again…

I explained what this is > yesterday

Everyone that enters ‘our’ world here, jumps into this all happy and cheerful. But it’s a ‘front’… That’s

hiding what you’re really feeling inside.

And it makes sense.

Like… Why would you bare your soul to someone/something that you don’t even know very well.

We’re working together on a global scale here. But if we were doing this in a store, in your local town…

You might not even go through with it. Because people talk.

Especially in this well connected era that we’re living in.


Most of the stuff above… Was revealed to me via 121 FB messenger chats.

That’s where the real magic happens. Long before you decide to officially start. Because we get to learn

the real root of your problems. Which is mostly non workout/nutrition issues @ triggers.

Hence… The big focus on that this year.

That’s even why the sign up message changed on all of the @fitbuzz website pages recently.

> This is what it says when it pops up.


All of this specific stuff we focus on… That’s the most important thing of all. Because it’s all to do with YOU.

The S-curve formula is a place that’s been created, for us to put the ‘fix’ into action. And right now…

It’s turned into…

Epic butt/Tiny waist and S-curve with natural boobs to match

> She was the original proof of that possibility. And I know it 100%, since I lived in her world for an entire

month. Every single day.

Which is what a results phase is… Which sets us up ‘relationship wise’…. For a very long lifestyle phase.

So ya… I expect the > S-curve member stories to start looking more interesting than ever before.

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