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You don’t need a PhD in sports science to know that exercise is key to staying healthy, whether you hit the gym or the streets for a run, you’ll be helping yourself to say fit. That being said though, the same routines, routes and circuits can start to become tiresome and dull after a while and you might be wanting to change things up. If this sounds familiar then you’ll be pleased to know there are plenty of other options for keeping fit – namely, alternative sports.

Here are a few examples of these sports you might want to give a go:


Skating – in its varying different guises – can offer something for a variety of ages and ability groups. Skateboarding for instance is great for balance, whereas inline skating is arguably the most accessible and is a fantastic cardio workout. With this though, it’s worth investing in all the protective gear you need and this should be from an expert retailer like Proline Skates as such companies can assist you in finding the right fit for your needs.


To put your upper body and your core through their paces, you can’t go wrong with climbing. Head to any indoor centre first to find out about what you need to do and once you become proficient you can head to the great outdoors. Again, it’s important here that you purchase sturdy and reliable equipment to make sure you’re climbing safely.


If you want to give water sports a go but don’t want to head too far into the water, then surfing is a super alternative sport. This is another example where you will exercise your core but obviously will also work on your balance. Get a few lessons first and then head to the coast at your leisure.

Free Running

Lastly, there’s free running, or parkour as some refer to it, which will see you climbing and traversing the urban areas of cities and towns. This isn’t one for the fainthearted as you need a bit of a daredevil attitude to climb and jump across some precarious gaps at times; but it’s a great way to work out your core muscles and improve your cardio.

The added benefit to participating in these sports is that you can get involved in groups of like-minded individuals and potentially make some great fitness friends on the way. Aside from that you’ll be giving yourself a top workout and you won’t have to worry about getting bored any time soon!

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