All you need is ONE month…

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People of S-curve world…
We recently introduced the S-curve Xperience ‘Survive and Thrive’ program to you all.
Introducing: The 3 Month ‘Survive AND Thrive S-curve Plan!
Which you can start right here…

$100 a month over 3 months

S-curve Survive and Thrive Program
So as usual… We’ll continue to publish posts that educate you about it’s existence.
Just like what we have done with the S-curve Partner Program.
Which now has it’s own archive page…
The S-curve Partner Program Businesses/Individuals (Official post/Bookmark) 
And so… Let’s continue to educate.

All you need is ONE month…

That’s all it takes, to lay the foundation for an awesome life within the S-curve Xperience today.
In your best-curvish body, with your favorite people.
As a follow up to the Survive and Thrive program
– Hard food
– Hard workout
– Hard sleep
The program has been set to last for 3 months.
But what will really happen…  
Will be us.. Together… Nailing all 3 of those area above… Every single day for a month!
It’s all about enforcing a new protocol way of daily living.
Because once you start… You can’t stop (S-curve habit building shenanigans).
You’ll feel the effects of nailing all 3… All of the time!
It’ll be so good after 3-4 weeks of doing it daily, that you simply won’t want to go backwards.

Week 3-4…

At which point, you’ll know it all works.
It’s tough… But easy to achieve with our help, once you’re in the program.
But at weeks 3-4… You’ll take your foot off the gas.
– Your S-curve workouts will be easier
– You’ll cheat snack more often
– You’ll workout less
The one thing that will remain… Is your nutrition shenanigans and sticking to the routine that has become protocol.
That’s what will keep you fixed for the long term.
All of this post, was inspired by a conversation that I had with a person who has watched me build the S-curve empire over time… In the super market (Yesterday).
Right before I hit the food isles, like S-curve Partner Program (Individual) @liliibooo
Food shopping to feed the monster @liliibooo
Food shopping to feed the monster @liliibooo
During that conversation… She was learning about all the > S-curve formula elements, that makes all of this work.
She learns new things, every time we end up talking. Which is what will happen to you, as you embrace our regular 121 coaching chats inside the program.

Managing mental, physical and spiritual shenanigans

Most people aren’t strong enough to manage all 3, successfully, on their own.
Especially during this pandemic.
Not even me.
I always make sure to put the right people/entities in my ‘corner’. To make sure that my daily life runs smoothly.
Our goal/job… Is to make sure that WE, are a strong entity that sits in YOUR corner.
We’ve lived through hard times and challenges. So there aren’t too many things out there in the world, that phase us.
So it’s our job… To have some of that toughness rub off on you.
This is why the 121 coaching element of the ‘Survive and Thrive’ program… Rules!
Because you get to talk out your issues in private.
Have them solved in private.
To then have you, glowing in public.
That’s what this program is all about.
Having you successfully survive through these current ‘pandemic’ times (Or any other you may encounter).
And thrive… As all the countries of the world slowly re-open.
What you don’t want to do… Is wait for the ‘new normal’ world to be fixed.
Because you’re missing out on too many opportunities. 
Many of which… Will be experienced, by being a part of S-curve Partner Program. Which is constantly evolving upwards.
Results and ‘change’ take time… As will re-opening the countries of the world… To success.
But 3-6 months from now… It’s all about being ready for whatever the world looks like.
– Financially
– Physically
– Mentally
Just… Everything…
It’s all about using this period of time to the max. Which is arguably a once in a life time situation.
As not everyone around you will be in a stable position right now.
YOU… As a ‘Survive and Thrive’ program individual. WILL become stable and fixed.

Life after 4 weeks

Back to the supermarket conversation from yesterday…
She was already in the checkout queue, when I walked into the shop.
And as we spoke, she bought a lighter. And I asked… 
You smoke?
She said…
Just occasionally.
But I said…
Its OK… 
We embrace ‘fun’ in our S-curve world. Since people naturally think fitness related folks are overly healthy… And super conscious. 
Until they actually hang with me :).
– We embrace wine nights
OOTN-curvish wine nights @thaisbianca
OOTN-curvish wine nights @thaisbianca
– Cheat snack Fridays…
And in more recent times…
Cbd/vaping shenanigans… Via our partners…
– VaporFi
– DirectCBD
It’s all a part of living a fun S-curve Xperience lifestyle.
This is the message I sent her after we went our separate ways… After randomly meeting in the supermarket…
Vaporfi - CBD

We was already doing everything above… 

Before the pandemic hit us in full force, back in March.
We’ve just re-structured how we do it for you, in this stay at home, quarantine world.
– Home workouts
– Garden/roof top is the new beach life
– Working from home
The main thing… Is there’s more ‘discipline’ involved. Since it’s easy to drift off too far into work or home life. Killing the focus on getting S-cuvish.
And you NEED to be S-curvish at some level (60% S-curvish is the safe goal). As it helps you perform better at work. And in daily life.

Talking of 60% S-curvish

The goal in our world… Is to achieve ‘soft lean’.
It’s a physically fit body… With a subtle layer of fat sitting on top of our muscles.
A physique that allows you to live ‘not so strict’.
– We can eat more of the foods we like… More regularly.
– We can think less about what we eat, when we eat.
– We can use more brain space for other things within the S-curve Xperience.
The following 2 posts dig deeper into that topic…
> 60-100% ‘soft lean’ and S-curvish (The end of ‘fitness’)
> You’re active and fit…. Yet you don’t look like this…

To conclude

Month 1 – Hardcore
Month 2 – Easier
Month 3 – Easy
That’s what it will look and feel like… During your time on the S-curve Xperience ‘Survive and Thrive’ program.
Again… Just hit the links below to start…

$100 a month over 3 months

S-curve Survive and Thrive Program
Just remember… That you should only enquire about starting if…
You’re struggling to balance work, workout and home life.

The latest


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