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Buzzers… #TBT…

In the past year, we’ve been shifting away from just a focus on ‘fitness’. And have become an overall ‘experience’.

As it’s a much better reflection of what actually goes on offline and in our chats.

– We like to cheat snack
– We like to > travel (With the new S-curvish bod)
– We like to look the part, but aren’t fitness addicts (Which is why we’ve come up with super efficient ways

to achieve more… Usually by doing less)

Even in person. I can usually spot a stranger from a far (Woman). And can tell if she would be, or currently is, a fan of the lifestyle we live here.

Your ageing butt @ subject line above

I haven’t talked about this topic for a while. And I’ve recently been giving out a lot non-fitness info to help you along @ life.

But the fact is… Your goals will change over time.

This is what it looks like for most.

– 18-25 Almost all physical goals
– 25-35 Physical, mental, lifestyle goals
– 35-45 Less physical, more mental, more health goals
– 45-60 All health and mental goals

We had to break it down like that inside the S-curve formula process too. So that it can be effective for everyone.


Aphrodite Butt Building routine – For women aged 18-35 (Ambitious over 35’s).

Short Splits Routine – For busy women aged 25-45.

S-curve Bodyweight Circuits – Not age specific. But definitely for those who live a more mobile lifestyle.

I have to highlight these things often. So that you’re always educated about everything. Especially if you’ve had it on your mind to officially start as a member.

But the one thing I can say. Is that starting earlier in life, is much, much better.

Not so much in regards to looks (Although that is the protocol goal). But more so for the…

– Habits you’ll build
– The increased positive energy that starts to surround you @ people
– The increased confidence and fixed mindset

Once again… All of that is non-fitness stuff. Which is arguably more important. And definitely helps you keep your physical results when they come.

Also… Your muscles start to fade after 18 years old. And the time doesn’t come back. So you really need to be saving your current day old self.

Because today is the youngest you’ll ever be, ever again.

But in terms of looking S-curvishly hot…

Your body can look hot up until 60 years old, if you stay active, in the way that is taught.

Your skin and your face is what may let you down though. We’re not experts in that area. But some starter tips would include…

– Drink plenty of water
– Don’t stay in the sun for too long
– Get your 8 hours sleep
– Eat A-C rated foods/meals
– Brush your teeth

Ya… Basic s***. You just need to do it all consistently.

Habit building helps with that… Hence, why we have a process for achieving that within the S-curve formula.


A lot has changed in regards to that, since the start of the year. But we’re still hot on the topic. Just keep on watching.


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