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Getting ready to #feed the monster with whatever the fudge we want @domiwaffles
Getting ready to #feed the monster with whatever the fudge we want @domiwaffles
So… We created > this page earlier in 2019.
That page is a collective and cohesive presentation of everything that we have learned and applied on EVERYONE (Me included) over the past 10 years.
And in 2019… Supplements are still the 2nd most popular area of interest within the Xperience (Behind > Travel-curvish 2.0).
And in 2019… We still meet 1-5 people daily and encourage 121 chats with you online. Mostly via > chat apps (> S-curve member partners… Embrace that!).
With that being said… It’s only right that we dig into this topic today. To highlight what is being discussed in these chats with you. Because S-curve world folks are indeed using that page above. Following the formula.. And buying supplements.
So let’s highlight and revisit the ones that are listed.
Taken from the supplements page above…

Prime Male

Prime male
Prime male
It works well @ testosterone shenanigans. But with the ‘guys’… We’re mostly using it, for the ingredients page. To teach a lot of the guys how to start reading and using ANY food label… In conjunction with the > S-curve meal structure!


It’s quite similar to Prime male, as they are designed to do the same thing.

There are some differences in the ingredients list though. Which is where your eyes should always be. So that you can take each ingredient. And gauge where it will go in the > S-curve meal structure (Or just ask us via chat).

We added Testofuel to our list, 5 years ago. And not one person has said anything against it.

The rule in S-curve world… Is to always evolve the supplement list. Not necessarily add more to it. And things do indeed evolve over time.

So the reason for listing both Testofuel and Prime male.. Is to test.

Because if you read the rules in the following  articles
You’ll see that we buy and try.

Because we do the exact same thing with FOOD!

That… Is how we start to find the right formula… For YOU.

That’s what has been done with everyone since 2014. On the ‘Become an S-curve member’ product in the shop.
Let’s talk about that in August 2019
As you can see… S-curve world folk are following the rules.
That screenshot above is very recent too (Monday 26th August 2019). And if you’re not already inside our > Messenger newsletter. Then you should indeed be there. As that’s a part of the S-curve formula that makes for a great Xperience here.
Another thing that you can see in the screen shot above. Is that 121 coaching chats are still no.1.
Yes… Many people do follow the > free newsletter (Read why it’s free). And spend accordingly after doing so, without any extra help from us.
But there are many more who want and need to be involved in a 121 chat with a human being, who will guide them along the way.
And so… 121 chats are still very important, when it comes to advancing and progressing in regards to…
> Becoming S-curvish
> Buying and using food and supplements
> Buying and using certain items in S-curve world
> Navigating the cryptocurrency world @ trading and investing whilst living the S-curve Xperience aka how WE live on a day to day basis

Lean Bean vs Instant Knockout

Lean Bean
Lean Bean
Again… Both LeanBean and Instant Knockout are designed to do the same thing @ boost the fat burn.

They are both added here. For the same reasons for adding Prime male and Testofuel.

Test, test, test!
August 2019 update
So… You see how I said that the goal is to always evolve the protocol supplement list. And not necessarily add more to it, as things tend to evolve over time…
Well.. Back in February… We added a new supplement partner to the list.
The Hunter supplements
Hunter burn fat burner supplement
Hunter burn
The reason why we added them?
– A focus on improved research in regards to ingredients
– You receive more supplement for each dollar that is spent
– A focus on improved supplement quality (Overall)
Simply… A supplement entity that places a high importance on ‘evolution’. Just like we have done, with everything we have created ourselves within S-curve world.
So buying and trying Hunter Burn is a good thing to put on your to-do-list. If you’re on your way to becoming 60-100% S-curvish… (Guys and gals).
– ‘Soft lean’
– Seated abs
– Less boob shrinkage
– No more lower back fat
'Soft lean' bikini-curvishly seated in Paris @rosanna_cordoba
‘Soft lean’ bikini-curvishly seated in Paris @rosanna_cordoba
Also… All of this buying and trying, is giving you a lot of experience.
You’ll now know what the good and the not so good (For YOU… It may vary from person to person) feels like, from first hand experience.
Which means, you’ll start to appreciate the newsletters more. Because everything that we say, is now officially ‘real’.

Mindlab pro vs… 

Mindlab pro nootropic
Mindlab pro
So… You all know that the core focus of our main program… Has switched from..

– Workouts
– Physical results


– Mindset
– Therapy
– Nutrition

All of which, fall under 121 coaching shenanigans via Messenger.

That has always been the focus. But not to the masses. At least not until recently.

People all around the world, need help. And a lot of folks have started to figure out, what they need help with.

It’s all about finding the right folks to work with. To help one achieve that.

Keyword = Trust

And we do everything in our power. To ensure that you choose us. And not some fools who are just after your cash ONLY. And don’t give a sh*t about you.


Mindlab Pro is the first supplement of THIS type… That we’re testing… In regards to boosting mindset, motivation… And improvements in those areas.
August 2019 update (Vs Hunter Focus)
We now have a supplement to compare it to, via the hunter supplements (Focus).
Hunter Focus nootropic
Hunter Focus
This is a supplement that may start to favor us, when it comes to ‘Come up for air’ and Travel-curvish 2.0 shenanigans.
We know they both do their job. So we haven’t gravitated towards a winner… Yet. So buy and try either one.

The pre-workout supplements

> Powher


4 gauge 

4 gauge pre-workout supplement

4 gauge pre-workout supplement

We’ll be honest here… This was the only supplement type that we didn’t go ‘all in’ on.


Mostly because it’s not as essential as the others on this page.

That doesn’t mean it’s important though.

Another reason… Is because most people who need a serious energy boost, outside of the nutrition elements on this page. Tend to be those going for 90-100% S-curvish results…

90-100% 'soft lean' S-curvish @miss__heather_jo

90-100% ‘soft lean’ S-curvish @miss__heather_jo

And not the more common… 60% S-curvish and (Short term) happy results.

So… Not as many people to focus on, or direct this supplement type to.

If you are going to get into it, after leaving this page. Then just stick to the rules.

  • Read the ingredients
  • Buy and try

Whey and casein

These are still the first 2 supplements that you should have stored in your kitchen. In addition to your regular food shopping trips.
– Because they act as nutrition boosters to meals. Such as whey/casein on oats.
– Drinking casein during the day, keeps satiety at bay. Which means you’re less likely to cheat snack on D-F rated foods, like chocolate or candy (Fruit is OK though).
This is especially important during your 1-3 month S-curve workout periods, where you strive for (At least 60%) S-curvish results.
Right now… We’re currently buying and trying NAKED WHEY
Naked whey protein supplement
Naked whey
And different flavors of the protocol casein protein that we use…



CBD related products

Tis the S-curve Xperience. And we have more fun than the norm… At ALL parts of it.

And so… That’s what we’re going to to with all things ‘CBD’. Even more so. 😀

Bikini-curvish CBD hunting @carinnhawhite

Bikini-curvish CBD hunting @carinnhawhite

We’re newbies in this department. Yet… Tis the S-curve Xperience. And in this lifestyle. There is a demand for CBD related products. And we don’t ignore the demands and screams from our people.
And so… We will use the (S-curve) formula that we use above, for every other supplement/food type that enters our world.
– We’ll scan ingredients
– We’ll buy and try
For now… The > following page is all we have, in relation to anything CBD related

After drink

We decided to take on this supplement as a test. Because it’s existence works hand in hand with how we have started to live, within the S-curve Xperience.
– Eat whatever the fudge we want 
– Drink whatever the fudge we want 
Throughout parts 3 (Improved daily lifestyle) and 4 (Travel-curvish 2.0) of the S-curve Xperience.
Of course… This mostly only applies to you. When you reach at least 60% S-curvish. After achieving that goal within 1-3 months.
A point at which you scale back on the S-curve workout shenanigans and start enjoying other parts of your life.


Before supplements come into play… Your focus should be on food FIRST.

In our world… It’s all about delivering the right information and food to you. In a way that makes sense for your lifestyle.

In regards to information… > this post is where you need to live

In regards to getting the right food to you… In a way that makes sense to YOUR lifestyle…

Say hello to one of our S-curve Partner Program businesses…

– Top Chef Meals

top chef home delivery

Top chef home delivery


– A core focus on customised ready cooked meals… That are frozen.

This means that for those of you who are following our 121 nutrition coaching shenanigans…

> Get to eat cooked meals without having to cook them yourself.

> Don’t have to worry about having to rush to eat the food, upon arrival.

> Can embrace meal variety… Which is a core element of our S-curve formula. 

– Home delivery.

– No subscription commitment. As the S-curve Xperience lifestyle is all about being flexible. Just like how we are, when we start/stop with our S-curve Member Program (SMP).

To conclude

80% of what you consume above, will be long term and protocol, in regards to supplement consumption. 
The rest… Is an on-going test. And we’ll continue to report everyones experences with those tests, via future newsletters.

Copy the code below to your web site.


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