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People of S-curve world…
It’s the final Sunday of January 2020. 
Question is…
What have YOU done so far???
Especially after laying out this post for you…
The Protocol S-curve Xperience Action Plan (From 2016 – 2020 and beyond) 
Whatever your goal is in life. Just remember, that time doesn’t wait. Embrace and love every moment.
And time seems to fly faster the older you get. So hurry up.
Now let’s get into some S-curve world topics…


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Less before and after progress pics… More 121 coaching chat screenshots

Today… We are bombarded with information. It’s an overload on our brains. Which is why our attention spans have become shorter and shorter.
And could be why TikTok is all the rage…

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This means… We’re likely to forget things more easily. And is partly why the S-curve partner program has started to become a ‘thing’.
So that the important things in your life… Get all of the attention.
Before and after progress pics…
Does this still 'move' you? progress pic
Does this still ‘move’ you?
These were all the rage, circa 2009 (And before) – 2018.
At least when it came to being motivated to Become S-curvish.
However… It started to die down.
The public reason?
– Wasn’t really a new thing to see any more.
– In some cases… People don’t trust them (Or testimonials)
The S-curve world reason?
Well… I always make predictions about what’s to come in the future. And they seem to come true.
– The ‘public peoples’ focus from workouts to nutrition (Was a long time coming… But it happened).
– Video workouts favored over text based. Although that was an easy prediction.
But the reason why there are less before and after progress pics present (Other than the fact that they don’t really motivate you).
Is that the magic that causes your results to come… Exists in the 121 chats.
Just… Working closely with someone/something. That has created success multiple times over. Opens your eyes up to things that you miss. Big and small.
– Not going hard enough in each workout, on every exercise (99% of people).
– Not staying consistent with the S-curve meal structure.
– Not eliminating certain things in your life (At least for a short while). Because there’s been no one there to force you to do so.
So today… It’s all about showing 121 chat screen shots.
And if you’ve been following the > newsletters over the past year. You would have seen A LOT.
All showcasing proof… That what we do here, is improving peoples lives. Mentally, physically and spiritually.
Just one out of many…
It’s a lot more about showcasing pictures/videos, of people living an improved daily lifestyle. 
Which is the heart of the S-curve partner program. And the S-curve Xperience overall. 
As this again, is proof that people are benefiting from all that we broadcast.
All of this.. Leads directly into becoming involved with the S-curve partner program.
Let’s talk about that….

Become an S-curve member with the sole purpose of progressing to the S-curve partner program

Aka… Looking S-curvish at least 60% ‘soft lean’ S-curvish…
S-curve partner program member @zareth_tarud
S-curve partner program member @zareth_tarud
Us exposing YOU, to a lot of relative people, because you are S-curvish.
Because then you’re guaranteed to start living the S-curve Xperience to the max.
Feeding the monster with whatever the fudge we want @eujessicadourado
Feeding the monster with whatever the fudge we want @eujessicadourado
– Working
– Earning
– Travelling
When you feel like it (At some level).
You can learn all about the partner program in these posts…
Right now… There are long term followers/associates/members. Who have started businesses. Or want to live a better life.
They are indeed ‘S-curvish’.
Some we helped get there. Others were already so.
We either…
– Help you get more exposure to your business.
– Help you get started with earning different income streams, that exist within the S-curve Xperience.
Again… All of this is highlighted in the S-curve partner program posts.
But in short. More money (Especially earned remotely/collectively) = More freedom.
Especially more Travel-curvish 2.0 trips like this…
And we know it’s a goal for many. Because of moments in our 121 chats, that look like this…
To conclude
It’s hard for me not to talk about the S-curve partner program today. It’s almost like the backbone of our existence now.
– Partnering with YOU
– Partnering with associates
– Partnering with > other businesses that offer complimentary goods/service that benefit all of us within the Xperience
Either way… And as usual…
Jump in the 121 chats to tell me what’s on YOUR mind.
Because private chat is where everything important happens today.

The latest

S-curve world apparel shenanigans…
Continue get a spot light, for both women AND men.
In this case… When OOTD gear mix/matches with gym wear….
As we often float between the two, on most week days. Like…
Remember what the end part of the S-curve meal structure looks like?
Well… It’s a point where we start having more fun with food.
– Stealing ideas from restaurant food menus
– Hitting different types of restaurants around the world
> Right here though…
It’s all about having fun with wine.
A sweet little regular way to enjoy it, when > feeding the monster S-curvishly… At home.
Fun munchies moments @selenaolivera
Fun munchies moments @selenaolivera

Our T-shirt and merch designs…

The stuff we have on Cafepress has always ‘sold’.
You might not know that it exists. As we don’t always highlight it.  But now you do…
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