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Buzzers… Friday…

Pinch, punch, first of the month…

So yesterday… I kick started our summer 2018 ‘Becoming S-curvish’ plans with the…

> Updated summer 2018 Results Phase

You can ignore it, if you’re currently on a Pay as you go plan. But if you’re not. And don’t want to miss out on super duper, once a year opportunities. Then… That’s all for YOU.

There was one ‘elephant in the room’ question that came up though. And I knew that it might come up, as I wrote > that newsletter.

Which is…

If the price only goes higher, due to increased intensity/coaching. Then how come yesterday’s update wasn’t a Lifestyle Phase, since it’s now $100 cheaper?

Answer = Because…

– The first month is almost, always, a Results Phase month, by default.

– It might be summer. But most peoples lives don’t change much. Unless you’re a student who gets a 1-3 month summer break.

– It’s only 3 months long. A Lifestyle Phase usually kicks into full gear by month #3. So it’s all results focused.

I’ve just structured it in a way, that makes it easier to do, for longer than 4 weeks.

Because it’s a little insane to do the REAL (Active everyday) Results Phase for any longer than that. Which would cost a lot more.

Even so… Because it is results focused. And because 121 chats is the heart of it. I have to limit the amount of FitBuzzers that can jump on. Mostly to keep the results quality high. As each one of > these stories NEEDS to be epic.

There’s no point in doing any ‘Becoming S-curvish’ stuff, if each and every outcome, is not epic.

That’s what going ‘higher end’ is all about.

Each person that gets put through… Must be greatly + positively impacted.

– Family and friends start going wild @ your overall changes.

– You’re deeply invested, for many future years. Just like Iris, Monica, Aanu, Victoria and many others from the results pages (And most of the people you see commenting on my own FB profile posts – Not the page. Those are all on-growing @fitbuzz followers who are becoming FitBuzzers).

And most important of all… To connect in possible future face-to-face meet ups.

Tis the S-curve experience.

And that’s what it looks like @ the ‘Becoming S-curvish’ part.

I don’t even need to explain it in words so much today either. Just look on all of our social media accounts to see what I mean.

> The stories and results pages
> The LIVE recordings
> Associates activities

It’s just like 2017. But a lot less about ME and my S-curve experience shenanigans. At least for now (Eyeing up another TC2.0 trip).

Who should start this? Why should you start this?

Reason #1 – Start if you finally want to see your results kick into gear.

Reason #2 – Start if you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired of hiding body parts when the sun comes out (It was calves for me… But I’ve been using the S-curve formula for the past 2 years to change that @ my super long legs/hard to build lower legs).

HINT: The Tailored Daily Exercise video feature from the S-curve formula… Played a major part.

Reason #3 – Start if you know you should have ‘connected’ long ago… And you feel it’s way overdue. Like…

”Hey… I’ve been following for years and have watched everything… I’m ready”.

It’s OK… I am very used to seeing responses like that. Hehe.

Reason #4 – Start if you don’t want to do any Pay as you go stuff, don’t mind guidance instead of focused coaching (It’s summer, so it’s not such a bad thing), and like the idea of an extra free 2 months + $100 less than previously.

Reason #5 – If you’re a long time newsletter reader, that is still failing. The reason why… Is because you’ve not committed yourself to the free ‘ingredients’ that the newsletter gives.

All those who succeeded, became members. Which meant that they received the formula (Not just ingredients). Which meant that they committed without fail @ paying for sh*t ensures you that use the sh*t you pay for.

Start for that reason.

TGIF… I’m in the chats.


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