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Ladies… Gents…


Wednesday 19th newsletter


Let’s get into it!


In terms of body, nutrition and therapy ‘help’…

Today… We help women AND men. Simply because a lot of men have re-entered our world in the past 2 years.

And today… You’re going to see more ‘S-curve member story’ content, rather than before and after pics ‘only’. Via > this page.

Because we are indeed, helping more in the chats @ ‘therapy’ and nutrition coaching. All of which will be screen shots.




‘No time’ IS a valid reason for not being able to Become S-curvish.

But… Only because you don’t know how to Become S-curvish… With very little time needed to do so.

And that’s… Why you become an S-curve member. To learn how to do that.

Right now… We currently have the Christmas/new year bonus going on. Where there’s a free 4-6 weeks, after your first 4-6 weeks.

But if you’re not interested in that. And are more curious on the starting process. Than actually being a full blown S-curve member from the off. Then the $10 start is where you need to be.




Today… It’s usually clear as day, who we are and what we do, on first arrival.

If it isn’t. Then this is the post that you’re going to see…


Which explains how we’ve evolved into the brand that we are today.

In regards to Becoming S-curvish and our main program…

You’ll no longer be educated over time, via newsletters.


#1 You’ll be educated personally, the moment you become an S-curve member

#2 You’ll be educated about S-curve experience shenanigans… Via epic blog posts

(Almost all posts since October 2018 @ stayfitbug.com)

#3 For motivation purposes… You’re going to see all types of S-curve experience blueprint tips, via our daily posts on FB and Instagram.

Wednesday info over.

Of course… If none of the above concerns you. Then you are here for parts 2-4 of the S-curve experience.

Which looks like…



Part 2 and 4 @bordabechere


Part 3 of 4 @thalitanascimento_



Part 4 of 4 @kintohtulum @annivici


Part 4 of 4 of the S-curve experience @domiwaffles


Thursday 20th December newsletter


Make sure you keep an eye on the daily mini blog posts via Instagram @fitbuzz and here on our FB timeline posts

Yes… You might pick up a few tips here and there. But like I said 2 days ago… It’s more about informing you on how S-curve world shenanigans work.

Because there’s a lot of sh*t to know 💩. All of which… Can’t be learned in one day.

Like… Look how far back the > history goes in S-curve world…


Which is free! 🙌

If it’s truly making you feel great everyday. Via the social media activity and websites. Then by all means. Feel free to embrace that Paypal icon/page (From the shop) above.


Becoming an S-curve member is a bonus. And it’s ‘almost’ free @ $10 isn’t really ‘money’ 💵. And free… If you’re showing love as a SUPER FAN’.

The benefit to that… Is that the member page will improve YOUR S-curve experience, over time. With LIVE member page updates. Packed with info related… Only to YOU.

Also… That first update will be what most of you will need, initially.

@ A very casual solution to whatever problems you’re having.

It will allow you and us… To slowly start seeing where you need help.

Like… That first update is really good for those of you who are ‘busy’ (Really means bad time management and goal setting though 😁).

As it allows you to get familiar with activities… That don’t require much time to put into practice.

Like the Tailored Daily Exercise video. Which is just 2 minutes long and takes 5-7 minutes to complete, once a day (How often, depends on your LIVE update member page info).

It helps you… To get yourself into the zone.


Embrace all parts of this S-curve experience.

Just know… That you can ‘level up’ the experience… When ever you get the urge to want more @ SUPER FAN button. Which happens from being highly involved on here. Which many of you are.


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