A newsletter update (3rd-5th March 2019)

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OOTD-curvish @domiwaffles

Our goal… Is to make sure that everyone here, is having a super duper time.

And if you’ve joined in on here… Then it’s all about living a better life, than if you hadn’t joined in.

Every little thing that is posted or offered, is there to assist with that.


– Therapy (121 coaching/teaching)
– Daily lifestyle fixing
– Nutrition and workout help @ S-curve goals
– Dating help, for the guys (@ recent newsletter)


– Improving taste
– Making food more effective @ faster/Better results
– Use supplements we KNOW work well @ our goals

Greece @priscillatrindadeofficial


– Better trip experiences.
– More trips that you can actually take, based on your busy schedule.
– The best type of items to buy and bring, on those trips.


– To show YOU the less popular, yet still awesome destinations, from all around the world – Scan the social sites at the top of this page…


These messages that you’re seeing…

They come to you, 3 times a week.

It’s us… Connecting at the deepest level that we can. Especially once you reply, become a member or buy stuff that you see on here.

Just remember though… That we’re active around the clock. On all of our social media channels.

To see all the channels visually. Head to the side bar on http://stayfitbug.com

That’s the website that is home to EVERYTHING that has happened. And will happen, in S-curve world.

Message done.

Reply to say something/ask something/do something… Something/Something.😎

March 5th newsletter

The year is officially in full swing now. And it’s a strong Travel-curvish 2.0 season @ this 1st week of March.


Everyone reading this, is looking for solutions for stuff.

So it’s our job, to properly inform you about those solutions.

And to then fix you.

As usual. It all starts with…


Forget about dating, therapy and all that. Just straight S-curvish body @ achieving.

Wanna know why it remains important. And part one of the S-curve Experience?

Because without succeeding there. You can’t live TC2.0 to the max.


– Sucky energy levels
– Easier to get sick

– Weaker bones (Click-clack-snap)
– Crappy endurance levels

Becoming S-curvish fixes that.

Now… We of course have the main S-curve member program.


If you’re really not into messing about. Stalling. Or waiting for life to pass you by.

Just start. All the details are on the page. And it’s just $10 to get the ball rolling.

That’s how you get more involved in our world. Which leads you to being fully engaged. And ultimately fixed @ other areas of ‘life’ too.

Recently… We talked about the most popular areas of the S-curve Experience.

These messages that you’re seeing… Serve as a daily reporter.

And right now… It’s the eating S-curvishly/Supplements page that’s making all the noise.


And rightfully so.

Because behind the scenes… We’re getting busy with the workouts again ($300 Results phase).

Which naturally leads to more nutrition focus. Because you do get extra hungry.

So of course…. We are using the rules on that supplements page. To feed the monster (Body/Butt… You too ‘guys’) and keep the monster.

It’s an area where 90% of folks are screwing up.


So please… Embrace that page to the max. It will change your fudging life (Fudge is our F word). In Addition/conjunction with the S-curve member program.

Reply to ask about all this sh*t. If you have questions… About all this sh*t…

Tis the S-curve Experience. And it’s a HELLUVA life to live. Especially when you live it to the max (EVERYONE here should look at the stayfitbug.com side bar @ explained).


Copy the code below to your web site.


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    Melkor is a casual continent-buster and does not require a physical body, and is fully capable of interacting with the world without one. In other words, Link as no chance.

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