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People of S-curve world…
Every single post that goes out on social media, shows you…
– Where our head space is at
– What we’re up to
– What YOU can be up to (Daily lifestyle fixing)
– And what’s going on in S-curve world
But all of that… Is still ‘on the surface’ stuff.
It will help you.
And I know it does is… Because the DM’s are always flying in.
But it’s these newsletters and the 121 chats. Where you’ll get the most value from following along.
Today’s newsletter is a simple update… To show you what’s been happening this week.
Why ‘simple’?
Because it’s quite busy behind the scenes right now.
– Establishing new relationships (Highlighting this in a moment).
– Warming up potential new S-curve members
It’s a ‘process’… And one that YOU won’t have to follow, when you get YOUR people to join in as S-curve members via the > partner program. Because all the hard work is managed by me and the S-curve formula. You just sit back and watch your people succeed 😀
– Evolving some daily processes that we’ve always followed. 
Like… More jazzy/funky videos, to showcase the S-curve Xperience in the best way.
@shauntlsS-curve #workout + #fashion is a ’thing’ followed by #airtime #atv #atvride vitoriagomes #atvlife


♬ original sound – shauntls

 – And of course… S-curve partner program shenanigans (The big one).

Anyway… Let’s update…


New product partners

There’s 3 starting this week…
– 2 x Apparel (1 confirmed)
The first
Born tough men - Becoming S-curvish for attire
Born tough men – Becoming S-curvish for attire
Born tough women - Becoming S-curvish for attire
Born tough women – Becoming S-curvish for attire
Just browse the store.
Confirmed… As it’s apparel that compliments an S-curvish physique (Women and men).
Mix and match… Kinda like…
Turning S-curve workout apparel into OOTD attire @jessicarmond ⁣
Turning S-curve workout apparel into OOTD attire @jessicarmond ⁣
The second 
Will be getting a product sent in to review.
Just like > Lean bean… They reached out to us, as we might be a great mutual fit (And they wasn’t wrong).
Which means…
Awesome items for YOU to get into.
That’s why I’m so hot on the S-curve partner program.
Because these are the kind of relationships that enhance the quality of the S-curve Xperience as a whole.
Especially once we start taking our activities offline.
A lot of the time… You get to see exactly why you ended up connecting online with certain people, when you meet people face to face.
– One supplement
This is YOU... Embracing the 'buy and try' food/supplement rules (It's all about the ingredients/food labels)
This is YOU… Embracing the ‘buy and try’ food/supplement rules (It’s all about the ingredients/food labels)
It’s a team that focuses on CBD related supplements.
A lot of their stuff has been highlighted in this simple CBD related post.
With their help… We’ll be able to create some super posts/newsletters.

To conclude

So that’s what’s going on right now…
As usual… Keep following the daily posts, on whatever platform you’re following on.
And if you want to get deeper into anything that exists here. Then this is the post to look at…
The ‘Xperience’ is free… Going deeper costs money… 
Need to talk? Jump inside Messenger.

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