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January 10th newsletter

It’s a hot month for S-curve member shenanigans. So let’s continue on with that chatter…


Life on here changes… When you become an S-curve member.

@ ALL parts of the S-curve Experience.

1⃣ Becoming S-curvish
2⃣ For OOTD/OOTN/Bikini attire
3⃣ Improved daily lifestyle
4⃣ Travel-curvish 2.0

Because every blueprint tip, or post. Starts to make even more sense to YOU (Just follow the FB page timeline to see it all… LIVE and in the moment).

Because now… You’ll have actionable processes to follow.

That’s when you wake up. And the ‘Oh… This is how you win’ factor, kicks in.

From our memory. A stand out situation was with S-curve member Alicia (Above).

Because she sat back for 2 years. Before becoming a member.

Maybe it was because of trust issues (Which died, after we had a > voice chat.

Maybe a chip on a shoulder @ previously failing @ results.

But within 6 months… She was a COMPLETELY changed person.

The next lady was the same. Who got to experience it all in person (Video above). And loads of hugs and thank you’s from them, after the fact.

They did of course become self sufficient. However… They didn’t forget why they became broken in the first place.

So every now and again. They would return for 1-2 months. For a member page update. To help them in their new current situation (Pic above). That’s another reason why we became an ‘Experience’. Evolving from a high end program.

Because everyone needs to feel a part of something. A place of belonging. That’s also why you see that Paypal page in the shop (Ignore… If you have a tailored Paypal link and are about to start your foundation month).

Because the S-curve Experience is making you feel great. And you’ll get to become a member, wether you like it or not.

And now… To end this message, with examples of the two hottest areas within the S-curve Experience right now @…

1⃣ ‘Coming up for air’ for an S-curve workout

2⃣ Travel-curvish 2.0 shenanigans

This is a ‘message’. So feel free to reply to it!


Oh… And ‘guys’… You have all only recently returned/Entered S-curve world. So you’ll start seeing more ‘guy’ stories soon.







Hangry much?


January 12th newsletter


As a part of our S-curve Experience upgrade (Initiated November 2018). We’re going talk via voice chat… With those of you who reply/have questions.

We can’t do it inside THIS Messenger chat.

But we can do it via this one…

> http://stayfitbug.com/CALLBUZZ

So feel free to ‘call’ inside there.


❎ I don’t have time
❎ I don’t want to workout
❎ I still want to eat this and that… (Cheetos above)

At the end of 2018… We went out every single day. And the goal was to meet 1-5 new people everyday.

These people were…

✅ The type of women that we’ve always served, since 2010.

✅ And the same kind of men… Who we met in 2017 events… Who became fans of @fitbuzz. Or were husbands/boyfriends of S-curve members.

And all of the above complaints… Is what we kept hearing from them.

Yet… EVERY SINGLE PERSON saw an S-cuvish body. And instantly wanted it.

Even YOU, reading this message!

You might have even messaged. And requested for yourself to become an S-curve member. After seeing all of our posts.

Mostly likely because…

🔥💃👙 Everyone looks S-curvishly hot

😛😎😳 Everything looks VERY fun (It is!)

✈🍸💪 You want YOUR life to start looking like this.

And so… Is reason why… We started to Become an S-curve Experience.

1⃣ Being a part of a movement/lifestyle that is enjoyable and actually happening. Either through us OR current S-curve members/associates (All gathered within the past 10 years) @ > read this.

2⃣ A program still needs to be started. But we changed it. So that it makes sense. In relation to…

– How this lifestyle is lived.
– How you live.
– And so that you don’t complain about anything you have to do, at any given time. In fact… Look forward to!


🎬 Tailored Daily Exercise videos @ Member pages.

📲 121 chats with yours truly

🍏🍪 Cheat snacking

And since making the switch… You have all began to flock in. Because now… You’re becoming a member. To get deeper into everything you’re already experiencing (Like… On this website).

And you’re wanting to become a member. Because of how all of these posts, words, videos, interviews, stories, FB stories… Are making you feel.

You all know who you are too.


– Like Rayo (Comments daily)

– Shirley (We had to end up talking 121)

– Hannah Hanita


And that’s why… For the masses… This Paypal page exists (Below). Many of you’ view it’ and like it a lot. So it means we’re on the ‘same page’. And if we’re not on the same page.

It means you still have a few days or weeks. To let our message and vibe sink in. At which point… It becomes very easy to decide how to move forward… After your first month as a FAN OR MEMBER.

It’s been an evolutionary process, since creating the first program in 2011. But that’s where we are today.



Let’s talk… Unless we’re already doing so. Remember… Depending on where you are within this S-curve Experience. You have the option to become an S-curve member partner TOO. The first requirement though… Is to have been an S-curve member yourself… For 1-3 months.


@azuliktulim @carolinafariafotografia

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